Feb 16, 2014

Mozzie Attack

It's officially been 5 weeks in Hyderabad! (cue polite applause, occasional wolf whistle).
One of the main issues I've had to deal with here is the relentless attack of the mosquitoes. You would think that being from the tropics, mosquitoes are 
de rigueur, but NOPE-- to set the record straight, Singapore, in its typical fine form, has successfully waged a genocidal war against those bloodsuckers. Suffice to say, the same cannot be said of India. 

Which brings me to the effects of these mosquitoes: 
  • itching (obviously)
  • marks on body, particularly shins and feet
  • awkward scratching of foot using other foot in bid to stay surreptitious 
One of the products I've consistently used over the years is 3M's ULTRATHON range, which promises sweat- and water-resistant coverage for 8 hours. I'll admit I picked it because the name sounded badass, as did the bottle design.

A bit more research yielded the information that the product contains almost 35% DEET, which is the active ingredient you always need to look out for when choosing an insect repellant product. It's what actually keeps mozzies away- not all that softy citronella lemony stuff. THAT DOESN'T WORK. DEET is the formula recognised as the effective active ingredient. If you don't believe me, ask the US military. or any other decent standing army.
Since moving to India, I've discovered two other products which apparently are in common daily usage here. Odomos, an Indian brand that is literally a household name for insect repellent (in the same way that the brand Pampers is now shorthand for baby diapers...), is found on every street corner and in every pharmacy and grocery store. Cheap and good!

The second product is something the whole office and house has plugged in to every room, every office cubicle, every power socket if I had it my way: All Out. It releases the repellant liquid and all you need to do is replace the chamber containing the repellant whenever it runs out. It may just be in my mind (although I don't think so), but it's been pretty effective. 
Not sure how this ended up being a post on mosquito repellant products... but either ways, I'm bracing myself for the monsoon season. Everyone who lives here, local and expat alike, tells me I ain't seen nothing yet. Fingers crossed my feet don't become even more hobbit-y than they already are. 

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