Jun 3, 2013

Last Apprentice Asia Update

SO i figured I've been chatting way too much about The Apprentice Asia. Ultimately, it is a great show about business, business people and business skills. Its hardly about self-promotion although that is a necessary ancillary because that's the first way to get people to connect with the show and tune in. I daresay my friends would not be catching the show but for the fact that I told them i would be on it.

It's a difficult thing, choosing to talk about oneself constantly, and it makes me very uncomfortable. There has been a lot of pressure to discuss the show (obviously the network and everyone involved wants it to do well), and that's created alot of internal conflict for me.

I've decided that I will not be chatting about the show on the following avenues:

  • My personal facebook page: its for me to connect with my personal friends. and while I am grateful for their support, I cannot stomach them having to receive unsolicited updates about a show that I'm involved in when not all of them even tune in. strictly PERSONAL!!!
  • This blog: again, this is something I set up years ago to share news about fashion (primarily), and bits of my own writing. Besides this post and the one below introducing the fact that I'm on the show, I dont think i should cloud the original purpose of this blog. 
SO i suppose what I am saying is... there will be no discussion of The Apprentice Asia, the contestants, process, results, etc NOTHING RELATED TO THE SHOW will be posted here. I do want my life as i knew it before to be kept quite separate from the newness and excitement of the show. 

I've followed the lead of the other contestants and set up a dedicated safe place where I can discuss the show and my opinions on it. This way, only people who actually want to receive that information need receive it. 

If you happen to be here because you'd like to find out more about the show, just click on the link below. :) Thanks everyone.