Feb 11, 2013

Detox Diary #8: Out On the Other Side


At the end of Day 4 now--officially halfway through and crossed the hump! Generally my appetite has returned (uh-oh!) and all in all I'm feeling quite good today. At least bodily I feel better-- probably means I am on the upswing now!


Day 6, and I'm feeling really quite more energetic than I'm used to-- without the aid of sugar or caffeine or huge carbo-loading.

The challenge will of course be keeping this up, but i'm not thinking about that right now. I'm just focusing on how great I feel and I suppose I'm quite the detox convert now!

Today I didn't have anything besides a 30 min massage, didn't do much except spend loads of time chilling and chatting with all the lovely new friends I've made.

Momentous occasion: I HAD MY FIRST PIECE OF FISH!!! OMG!!!
I had an oily slab of cod at lunch, and 3 delicate pink slices of tuna at dinner. Plenty of gentle protein to keep me going!