Nov 25, 2012

Detox Diary #5: upwards and onwards

2150 hrs

So, officially day 3 here, but day 2 of the detox program...

Feeling loads better today and met some very nice people on the retreat-- Rani, a Sydney lawyer; Shannon, a medical infectious diseases scientist from Melbourne; and Tom, the new guy shaking things up at DBS.

To be honest, because i feel better today, i've been super social--lunch with Rani, dinner at the Community Table, and a relationship workshop [NB: dont roll your eyes. seriously.] and talking to both my nurse and naturopath...

BTW, got an emergency appointmetn with both the head nurse and naturopath to have a look at my insides and see why on earth i couldnt keep any food or liquid down last night... One of the most severe reactions, apparently.
that's another thing I love about this place-- everything is super personalized, and service is so attentive, and its just not overpopulated (I think the staff to guest ratio is 3-1...) so there's always more than one person there to take care of you.

Anyway. i've just gone and done a whole lot of talking today, but not as much self-reflection or thinking as I'd like. Ironic since I started today with a grand total of 3 types of meditation...

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