Nov 25, 2012

Detox Diary #5: upwards and onwards

2150 hrs

So, officially day 3 here, but day 2 of the detox program...

Feeling loads better today and met some very nice people on the retreat-- Rani, a Sydney lawyer; Shannon, a medical infectious diseases scientist from Melbourne; and Tom, the new guy shaking things up at DBS.

To be honest, because i feel better today, i've been super social--lunch with Rani, dinner at the Community Table, and a relationship workshop [NB: dont roll your eyes. seriously.] and talking to both my nurse and naturopath...

BTW, got an emergency appointmetn with both the head nurse and naturopath to have a look at my insides and see why on earth i couldnt keep any food or liquid down last night... One of the most severe reactions, apparently.
that's another thing I love about this place-- everything is super personalized, and service is so attentive, and its just not overpopulated (I think the staff to guest ratio is 3-1...) so there's always more than one person there to take care of you.

Anyway. i've just gone and done a whole lot of talking today, but not as much self-reflection or thinking as I'd like. Ironic since I started today with a grand total of 3 types of meditation...

Nov 11, 2012

Detox Diary #4: what goes in... must come back out?

2130 Hrs

So day 1...
and already the withdrawal is pretty intense. I just threw up 4 times in the past 30 minutes, and a splitting headache has plagued me since the afternoon. Add to that a distinct sense of fatigue and nausea...

I knew there'd be withdrawal, but I didnt quite expect this. It feels horrid that my beautiful meal came back up to stare back at me from the porcelain throne, but I need to press on and push through this. No appetite whatsoever, but a weird salmon craving...


2200 Hrs

Make that 6 times of throwing up--my body is consistently rejected anything i put in--including H2O.
I'm concerned that my supplements are being hurtled back up, i.e. without being absorbed by my body. Need to get rest...feeling rather like I'm in hell. Sorta.


OK, 7 times...

Nov 6, 2012

Detox Diary #3: medicated

1245 hrs

Just had an hour's wellness consultation with my naturopath + a full body analysis + a bag full of over 100 supplements to be taken in this short week that i'm here. CRAZY! (in a good way).

Basically the diagnosis on my body isnt fantastic and i've been treating it quite badly. Hopefully the cornucopia of pills and supplements and protein shakes will help. We shall see. Aching from yoga earlier.

One day's prescription-- 27 pills to pop!!! (plus 2 fibre drinks, 2 probiotics, 2 protein shakes, 1 wheatgrass shot. 
multiply that by 7 days.