Oct 9, 2012

Detox Diary #1: getting there

140712, Saturday
1442 hrs
Seat 31D, Air Asia plane

So I'm still panting as I write this, my limbs quivering from the low levels of salt in body--it's salt right? (A bottle of 100 plus would be ideal right about now...)

Just ran the length of the stretch from the check-in counters to immigration, past the baggage check, to the gate, then the whole outdoor tarmac-side gangway to the plane. What. A. Sprint. And i just thought if I didn't note it down here, I'd never remember not to cut things so close.

Times like these, I appreciate the Malaysian way of doing things--a few minutes past the official gate-closing time? Well,

"No worries"--Literally what the lady told me as she took my passport while I stared at the aircraft mere metres from my last barrier between me and the start of this journey, willing it not to take off without me on board.

And now the plane has just begun its slow turn, meaning quite simply and without any shadow of a doubt that I am well and truly on my way to the Land of Smiles.