Jun 30, 2012

half way there

And so, at the halfway mark of 2012, I find myself left with more questions than answers. As provincially trite as that sounds, it is an accurate statement of how I feel at this point. 

Did I envision this loss of direction and clarity? Certainly not. But since it's already happened, I've decided to take some active steps. Well, just one active step, really. 

I'm going to Koh Samui

Specifically, i'm going to a retreat on Koh Samui. One that promises emotional healing, the promotion of physical wellbeing, and generally a transformation over the course of a week. Aside from the fact that my body and health are a shambles, i think I could do with a bit of a clean-up/reboot, both mentally and emotionally. 

So I'm going to Kamalaya

 Of the handful of people I've told this to so far, the overwhelming majority have met my decision with one or more of the following responses:
1) you've GOT to be kidding me;
2) I knew you would do something like this!;
3) REALLY? no, really???

You get the picture. Derision aplenty--and I completely get it. People aren't so ready to believe that all it takes to sort your life out is a week. Perhaps this comes from a deeper human psychological tick that tells us we're all supposed to be damaged goods. I'll leave that analyis to my guru, whom I will soon meet.

 So i'm going to document each of my days there, not to prove everyone wrong, but to make sure I remember exactly how things went, and exactly what I need to keep doing when I get back to Singapore in order to maintain any progress I make while I'm there. 

I've tried not to go into anything too new-agey in this post... But I will put up what Tatler has to say about Kamalaya, the recent recipient of the 2012 World Spa Awards' Destination Spa of the Year Award (just saying), and leave it at that. 

"The spiritual energy at this hypnotically beautiful hillside retreat is so pure and intense that even stressed-out high-flying Londoners can be found kneeling amid wafting incense, losing sediments of sadness they didn’t know existed. But the joy of a stay in this most stellar of spas is that its transformational magic weaves its spell slowly and gently: it’s young, sexy and tropical. Every near-vegan feast is an Asian-fusion taste explosion, with snazzy salads and a juice bar, but also meat and wine if you wish. The treatments are outstanding, notably the acupuncture and moxibustion with Andre Tse, and ex-monk Rajesh Ramani’s profound personal mentoring. Visiting gurus are the sort that spa junkies fly around the world for, there are state-of-the-art diagnostic procedures and a mass of classes. Spring clean your psyche and reboot your mojo in this blissful honey pot of goodness."

we'll see how it turns out- watch this space.

photo credit: Kamalaya Koh Samui

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