Feb 5, 2011

opening ceremony x chloe sevigny

About 2 months back, Chloe Sevigny's collaboration with the ever-cool folks at Opening Ceremony went on sale. All the travelling just meant that 1) i had no time to blog about it, and 2) neither did i manage to get my hands of any of the items.
Nonetheless, the collection features 5 prints: leopard, paisley, houndstooth, polka dot, and floral—to encourage just the right amount of pattern clashing. Just the way Chloe does it. Main clothing trends of the collection:
  • Cropped tees
  • microshorts
  • Cable knit sweaters
  • Flirty teadresses

Of course, she's never seen without to-die-for footwear (I remember reading once that she said the shoes are to show off her legs, which she deems as her best asset). Nineties shoe label NaNa re-released some of her favourite styles, including combat boots and clogs.

more picks from the good people at WWWD...
good job if you got your hands on any of these, and if not, the current deluge of "_____ x _____" fashion collaborations should ensure that the next big thing will come along in no time.
in other news, it is chinese new year , a time of year which brings together food, family, gambling and money. All of which are very Asian elements i suppose. Have a happy Lunar New Year!

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she is cool and her clothes too!