Feb 25, 2011


a piece of paradise: koh phi phi ley, or the filming location of 2000's the beach, starring leonardo di caprio

the actual island is part of the same cluster of islands i visited, off the south coast of thailand

so getaways are always great to have-- be they through flights to another part of the world, or a more metaphysical flight of fancy. Music, poetry, theatre and art form the basis for the latter, in my opinion, and constitute an escapism from the harried concerns of Life. In addition, there is sometimes no better, or more eloquent, way of expressing one's thoughts and feelings.
While i much prefer beholding the work of other artists, plumbing the depths of my own soul can be a medium so rewarding it results in the creation of a piece of work I dare to call my own.

Internal Monologue


“Because I like you”: a fearless declaration in the morning sunlight,

And my eye catches the glint from both ray and word.

It takes me 5 minutes of swirling soaring dumbstruck replay before I smile

And respond in kind.


“Why don't you talk about yourself?”—innocuous,

imploring, an open invitation.

A pause, before I leap.

So I spoke and you listened, and I spoke and you listened, and the space between us melted as you pulled me in tight and didn't let go.


I caress your face, you touch my back,

Rough/smooth: a contrast. Your prodding makes me laugh like

A child, and while my mouth says no

My everything else’s wish is yes,

Unconditionally unendingly unerringly—Yes.


“Come here? It’ll be amazing.” I vascillate,

But only because I’m scared

To want it too much too fast too Now.

Predictably when I do arrive I disappoint myself and forget how

Time has a knack of flying by.


In the meantime I will myself to forget the Bad

Because I want to deny all of that existed: it mars the image of you,

Reveals that

You just didn't give a shit, did you now?


Pardon me, I obviously faltered there for a bit.

Give me some time,

And I will forget it all.


(You always kissed me on the cheek.)