Jun 20, 2010

trend: ACID beige

dree hemingway in valentino couture SS10 at the "cinema against AIDS" benefit in Cannes, France

so even if pictures are worth a thousand words, i would have been SPEECHLESS seeing dree as she was in valentino couture. i'm pretty sure this image is new to anyone who sees it, because it took the fashion world by storm about a month ago, when the images traversed the web at lightning speed as people tweeted, blogged and generally gushed their way through the parade of gowns while ms hemingway arguably stood firm at the top of the heap.

now it appears that marie claire magazine has followed in her stunning footsteps. (btw, HER SHOES. kill me now please. i cannot place them!)
a great way to not just co-opt dree's look but to be appropriate for the season is to catch on to this bandwagon they've conveniently termed ACID BEIGE.
indeed, neon pops of color are tempered with the sexiest neutrals like sand and blush, creating a look that's not too over-the-top while sitll being complete attention-grabbing.

balenciaga/roksanda ilincic/DvF/calvin klein/max azria

style.com has a rather more blinding take on this spring trend--going all the way with neons and acids as shown on the Resort 10 runways (as opposed to the SS10 season). i suppose its the wild abandon of partying away in exotic locales that gives rise to a similar disregard for propriety and "toning it down".
besides, Day-Glo and golden tans are quite the bedfellows.

of course, how can i end this post with any other image than that of SJP in her neon yellow stunner from the same collection as dree's pick?
she matched it with silver ferragamo pumps, loose waves, minimal jewelry...
and a megawatt smile.

i suppose this summer, THAT's really the best accessory.
SO whether you decide to go all the way like sjp or keep it tempered like dree hemingway, there's no question that pastels are out and rainbow brites are in.
fallon cuff by dana lorenz

final picture--item of lust. just saying. it would go SO WELL with anything neon!

short personal update:
sydney calls more and more loudly-- i'm flying off in just about a week, and its been 15 years since i was there last!!! INSANE. i would defo appreciate tips and ideas from anyone- just email me at leyandrea13@gmail.com and that would be MUCH APPRECIATED. feel free to ask for something in return haha. aside from the competition, i'll have about 3-4 days free on my own, aside from meeting up with friends and their friends.

photo credits: style.com, GoSee, Buzz Catalog


Couture Carrie said...

Gorgeous post, darling!
This hue is really growing on me!
Especially loving Dree's dress!


P.S. Not a big fan of bulky trenches...

Ruta, Look Ugly in a Photograph said...

Ooo I really like that acid beige colour. Would definitely love to have some of that colour in my closet.

Valentine said...

hey you! thanks for the comment you left. it has been a while since ive visited any blogs at all, actually and ive missed yours a lot. :) i'm slowly getting better. i think its just a matter of deciding to not be in a funk anymore which can be a lot harder than it seems. i love what you said about emotions and how we are meant to experience a whole spectrum of them. nothing could be truer.

thanks a bunch andrea! for the message and this very sunshiney yellow post. :)


Mimi said...

Beautiful post, yellow is a gorgeous summer color.

I LOVE that picture of Sarah Jessica, she looks amazing.

So good to hear from you, I am happy you're back too!!!



Hello andrea !

so great to see you! Thanks for your love in my blog, it means the world for me...about yellow is a perfect color for a tan person...I love JSP...she is stunning in that dress!!!



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