Jun 7, 2010

CFDA spotlight 2010: gothmeisters mcqueen & dana lorenz

in honor of the CFDA Awards held today (7 june), i am posting about 2 of the nominees i have respected/admired enough to shell out for:
  1. alexander mcqueen for the Special Tribute Award (SJP is presenting, supposedly)
  2. dana lorenz of fenton and fallon, as nominated for the swarovski accessories designer of the year award
alexander mcqueen.
so F/W 2010 was alexander mcqueen (aka lee)'s inadvertent swansong, and it comes as no surprise that the fashion community, rocked by his sudden and shocking departure, chose to honor him with the Special Tribute Award this year.

skull accessories.
one of mcqueen's iconic images (i would argue THE iconic image) is the skull motif. Emblazoned on his silk scarves (a la nicole richie circa 2004-present) since 2003, it has since appeared in all other manner of mcqueen merchandise: jewelry, tees, shoes, and most notably the skull clasp box clutch.
edit: instead of explaining let me jsut upload a picture...
skull clasp box clutches.
now that sarah burton is helming the label (i personally am pretty excited to see wot she does because she has been doing good work hitherto...), the cachet of anything mcqueen f/w 2010 and prior has undeniably increased-- along with, i can foresee, their prices in the future.
more skull accessories.
personally, however, i'm more concerned with making sure i have a piece of mr mcqueen's heritage-- and it just aint the same if it wasnt designed by the man himself. of course, budgetary concerns dictated that i only have a very small piece of his legacy...
mcqueen f/w 2010 skull bangle.
and so i present my latest acquisition. simple but iconic.
a necessary addition, i would go so far as to say.
while there will never be any more designs by the man himself, his vision while alive was so unflinchingly clear that ms burton and the rest of his dedicated design team will no doubt know exactly the boundaries within which they will work to keep his legacy alive.

dana lorenz.
dana lorenz is the feted designed of the 2 haute jewelry labels fenton and fallon.
Her work is characterized by a heavily-embellished, pretty/punk rockerchick aesthetic, which immediately won her press coverage in top rags like vogue, as well as a slew of celebrity fans including rihanna & michelle obama.
(today i'm only writing about fallon because her haute line, fenton, is characterized by high-end materials like freshwater pearls and prices do increase significantly because of that. we're talking in the thousands as opposed to the relatively cheaper fallon which starts and ends in the hundreds.)
i suppose then that its no surprise that she was nominated for accessories designer of the year, along with hipstercool wunderkind alexander wang (whose chainstrap bags are honestly amazing) and fellow too-chic jewelry designer eddie borgo.
dana lorenz's vision is clear as well.
multilayered chains are an iconic staple, with the occasional strand of pearls or (gasp) barbed wire mixed in. yet, her seemingly heavy-duty jewelry never looks clunky or unwieldy. almost contrary to that, in fact, is how they become statement pieces.

her jewelry is also always topped off with the same simple rounded lobster clasp- in a complementary finish to the piece of jewelry itself. fallon is also etched into a leaf-shaped tag attached at one end. nice touch, if you ask me-- it reminds me of a dogtag which fits the military-tough-chic aesthetic of her line anyway.
plus, its a nice little indicator that marks a piece of her work.
terrible photo (iphone) of my necklace.
i dont think its clear at all, but basically this design is a multistrand necklace- one gold, one black metal and one silver entwined with a leather strap.
the chains are wound round each other, and u can see the little leafshaped tag at the bottom of the picture. obviously my camera is too shitty to capture the engraved part of the tag, but it looks exactly like the one in the picture just before this one.
another terrible photo.
topshop sheer tank, haberdasher long skirt, oris watch, banana republic matte gold cuff (my left hand), and of course fallon necklace.
it was TOO EARLY on a saturday morning- evidently. but this is literally the only photo i have. major thanks to the parentals for their sponsorship of this post.

TO SHOP: (click on image for direct link)
fallon doesn't ship (domestically nor internationally), so you have to purchase your jewelry either from online sites shopbop.com, barneys and buydefinition.com, or from nationwide US stores barneys, kitson, henri bendel, intermix and other select boutiques.

For the full list of internationally participating stores, CLICK HERE.
fallon is also available for purchase in the following cities: dubai, london, berlin, hongkong, tokyo, riyadh, beirut, jakarta, vancouver, toronto, singapore.
mcqueen does ship internationally, so you can shop on the site itself-- in fact they are currently having a sale...which includes his sea-inspired collection! and of course for smaller budgets, his accessories.

if you'd rather try everything on for size/view them in person, both fallon and alexander mcqueen are available for purchase in Singapore at:

on pedder
#02-12 Ngee Ann City
391 Orchard Road.

(short note: the only drawback is that prices are marked up by a certain percentage here, so if you are travelling i suggest you purchase abroad.)
short personal update:
i have been really busy with a number of projects, shortly summarized as below hehe:
  1. took a trip to laos with a crew of friends--tubing in vang vieng and took in some sights in vientiene. hit up the pristine serene island of tioman prior to that. now i'm back in singapore but most of them are all still travelling southeast asia before returning to the UK...
  2. flying off to sydney in a few weeks...will be there for about a fortnight for an international moot competition- (dont worry its another one of those ridiculously esoteric legal things that we do...). not so sure i want to be in australia in winter, but we'll see. its been over a decade since i last set foot in sydney so i'm sure its changed tons.
  3. busy this summer with a MAJOR project: the annual law charity musicale... i am directing it so its a pretty epic undertaking. not sure how things will pan out, but fingers crossed. people are all over the world at this point so its difficult to collaborate as of right now. hopefully scheduling conflicts will lessen when people fly home...
that's all folks!
apologies AGAIN for barely updating this- you can choose not to believe me but i do feel bad. still endlessly thankful for the continued readership...cheers guys! xxxxxxx


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Love McQueen!

Gorgeous post!


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I've never been much into skulls, but those are so amazing. They look so good.


hELLO my dear friend!

Thanks so much for all your love, I do know that sometimes is not that easy to visit all the friends we want...time is so short! But I am happy to see you around, always!!! You are so sweet :))

About this post, wow, I do wish I could afford at least a ring from A.M. such a genius...
I am crazy about him...

ashford said...

tubing??!! you guys go tubing? we do that in Louisiana! (thought we definitely can't do that in New York) I love it.

glad to see you back.

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Good luck with your mooting competition! I did mooting once when I was a law student. Was horrible. I don't have enough confidence for that!

Have a good trip. :)