Apr 27, 2010

think pink

so i saw this on a website recently. pretty wise words- thou you cant do much with them.
off of the streets of london so you can draw your own conclusions from that.
i am love
so i've been wanting to see this film, and hopefully see it before i recommend it, but that earlier photo just reminded me so much of the palette in tilda swinton's latest film. she produced and starred in it, and truly she is one of the most nuanced actors out there. i tend to favor actors who 'underplay' things, rather than being OTT, and tilda's 3rd in my book. (meryl and kate being the toppers.)
the visuals in this film are absoltuely STUNNING from the looks of it. its definitely more of a visual landscape than it is a narrative-driven film. check out the trailer below, its only 3 minutes long but at the end of it you are left wanting much much more.

so beautiful.
just FYI, it is essentially an Italian film about a Russian mother at the centre of a wealthy Italian family who starts to have an affair with the best friend of one of her sons, only to find her life unravelling.
gotta love diesel.
i dont often about 'inspiration', or in a manner like this where i share colors that speak to me or create a mood; maybe only done that once or twice.
but i do quite like how this has turned out... truly when i saw the pink photo it just SCREAMED to me to put the i am love poster next to it.

Apr 14, 2010

uniqlo x jil sander SS10

Japanese brand Uniqlo is synonymous with well-tailored, affordable, quality basics in a dizzying array of styles and colors.
i suppose, kinda like The AA of asia, if you will...
let me just interrupt what i have to say with an unadulterated declaration that
her outfits are the most badass of the lot. or maybe she's just working them the most.
ok back to the story...
So the collaboration with designer Jil Sander back in December 2009 was highly anticipated, really in the sameway that CdG x H&M or Rodarte x Target or Stella mccartney x Gap was--
a high-fashion designer at an affordable price.
known for her clean and tailored sartorial stamp, I definitely expected the same sharp modern silhouettes from the new +J collection.
More interestingly, I wanted to see her designs in the high-technology yet functional textiles Uniqlo has been churning out, and if that marriage would work.
based on the pictures interspersing all this text, i'd say the collection speaks for itself.
with a muted pastel palette, the superior tailoring and quality of the fabric get to take centrestage.
the modernity of the clothes comes both from the sleekness and simplicity of designer jil sander's impeccable aesthetic, as well as the sheer quality of uniqlo's innovative textiles.
shiny lilac jacket? on a dude? with cotton twill chinos? WOT!??!?
point being,
why hello good looking. i love your bold jacket. like a cool-ass biker dude, without the jesse james tattoos (and infidelity). and great flatfronts.
is purple too bold for some of u dudes? well ok they've got it in black as well. i dont need to get started on the womenswear-- tao models the same jacket in the first picture. add to that elegant basics and breton stripes aplenty.
(prices of the jackets from $79 to $229, if you're curious).
on a more personal note, i realise the last time i did a full post it was 2 months ago. that is pretty ridiculous... i've really neglected this, and i also know i've barely posted any outfit photos in a really long time.
the truth is, aside from the trouble it takes (dont get me wrong its really fun, just time-consuming), i've been focusing on school. this summer promises to be superbusy, and i'l be spending some time in sydney both for school and for fun. other than that, i've actually put all other plans on hold because school-related stuff is gonna take up pretty much all of my time. i know you continue to read this, and for that i am so grateful, because the reason i even blog is so that i can share my opinions with other people. i still read emails and comments (thou i screen them), and most importantly i am still a silent supporter, particularly of the blogs ---> there.
be well!
all image credit to uniqlo press kit. all images from uniqlo's regular ss10 collection.