Feb 2, 2010

how to do nudes (the Calvin Klein edition)

calvin klein,pastels,spring 2010
calvin klein
typically full of clean lines, sporty silhouettes and minimalist designs rendered in fresh pastels for Spring...not so sure those sandals will be a hit, but certainly the frocks will be...
so francisco costa and his ck colleague italo zucchelli threw a party last week in celebration of LA ARTS MONTH. i guess in other words, LA "let's-pat-ourselves-on-the-back-with-statuettes-because-xmas-and-thanksgiving-are-over-and-summer-is-too-far-away" MONTH. i kid. kinda.
in any case, among the many celebrity attendees dressed in CK but of course, i spotted 2 ladies, each epitomizing one end of the fashion scale.

calvin klein
melissa george
red lips are a HUUUUUUGE HIT this awards season, but instead of chilli red, melissa got red-by-way-of-twilight on her lips. the dried-blood color contributed to the vampiric fantasy just as much as her whitish pallor did.
aside from the makeup, the lovely blush sheath was undone by her poor red carpet posing. the loose sleeves went from comfort wear to poor form in one flashbulb second. it is a lovely color and beautiful up close, but there's just no disguising an unattractive silhouette.
calvin klein,kate bosworth
kate bosworth
clearly a far FAR cry from the missus before this. from her luminous glowing tan to her natural pink lips, kate was quite the picture of youthful vitality.
the salmon crinkled silk dress was age appropriate and very cute, ending just above her knees for a balance between girlishness and sophistication.
any shorter and it would've screamed "SEND ME TO PROMISES PLEASE", but i'm glad we're too busy with awards season to be obsessing over celebrity weight interventions.
(BTW, anyone else notice that!??!?! no weighty news these days truly because there's no need to cook up such frivolous things when major groundbreaking historic things are happening these days... like the annual awards shows. -_-)
vintage drew barrymore, 2009 promoting grey gardens
all the talk about nudes just reminded me of this picture because it made such an impact with her old hollywood glamor phase...it was versace i believe.
BTW people i'm sure we all know she won the emmy and the golden globe for her performance in that show!
which brings me to oscar excitement. traditionally, the oscars are the grandest and most feted awardshow of the season. i take no contrary view. so i'm just excited to see what happens, especially with best picture now being the most open race, given that there are 10 nominees this year onwards, and that the Directors Guild, SAG and HFPA have conflicting winners so far.
always good to have some unpredictability-- winners wise.

as for the gowns...
i think we've already seen how nudes are taking over this season!!! i need to get me some of those.
image credits: FYB, redcarpetfashionawards, rantingsofashopaholic


Couture Carrie said...

Love all these pastels, especially Kate Bosworth's dress!

Gorgeous post, darling!


stellawantstodie said...

love nude color..!!!

Lily said...

Hellooo!!!! It HAS been so long! Yesss isn't my cat divine???!! She's not technically my cat so I did not name her. Her name is Suki but I call her numerous things including Sukicat, S-cat-7, Babycat, Horsie, Bunnyrabbit etc etc. Love her more than anything in the world!

Yes, I am feeling the need to feed large amounts of carbohydrates to Kate Bosworth (I find her hideous, actually). And Rachel Zoe looks like an anorexic old lady!!

I was actually a little underwhelmed by Oscar dresses this year. Although I did really love Drew Barrymore's lumpy dress!

Ruta said...

Oh, I love nudes. Drew Barrymore looks amazing. I think I need more nude in my wardrobe.

ashford said...

I've always been a huge fan of nudes, blushes and pale pinks. If i ever get married, that's totally the theme. Melissa's look is so 90s calvin in teh best way and Kate's peach dress is just so perfect. I absolutely love the length! (i've been so bored with super short styles lately)

love love love

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

Kate Bosworth looks stunning. On anyone else it's boring, but on her she just glows.

Bluefemme said...

I love all the nude colors you posted. Now I want something in a nude color.


CK is so fab!
LOve Kate Bosworth!

(always)alanna said...

they did so good with their collection- i love the lack of effort and color of the pieces. and kate bosworth looks stunninggg
and gorgeouss blogg- will definitely be back visiting SOON!

Hanako66 said...

just gorgeous! all of it!!

MissNeira said...

I love the pink nudes with a great red lipstick to put on after, very feminine and so sexy

* Reena Rai * said...

Nude shades translate so well on the red carpet, much more elegant than black or navy

La Fée said...

such lovely colours! I adore all of the dresses, especially drew barrymore's :)