Feb 10, 2010

2 blocks south

2 blocks south is an australian streetwear label. these latest shots for their ad campaign feature models marte and sam andrea (!!! i still get excited when i see my name anywhere in any incarnation...), and shot by photographer marijke aerden.

i think the shots have been beautifully styled--the monochrome doesn't take away from any of the pictures. they are still edgy, compelling and very sexy. in fact, these pictures remind me of another high-gloss monochromatic photoshoot--the grayscale is balanced out by the high saturation of the images. SO AMAZING, the models just pop off of the screen.
and speaking of going south...
demi moore
demi moore for helena rubenstein
i mean, why even bother with makeup when everything gets edited to within an inch of its life!?!?!? i can see how erasing blemishes is a good thing to have, dont get me wrong, but it seems even my untrained (albeit critical) eye can spot the following enhancements:
  1. unusually alabaster skin (i mean its not like she's cate blanchett/anne hathaway...)
  2. extremely full and glossy jetblack hair
  3. a wrinkle-free neck and fingers...oh yea, and FACE
  4. cleavage!!!!! though i must admit the edits in that department look fabulous.
that's what happens when ashton kutcher posts pictures to his twitter account.
image credits: nymag, gosee



She seems so different before and after the photoshop ;)

ashford said...

yikes! edits are always scarier than I imagined. My sister is always going on and on about wanting her hair to look like the pics in magazines--one day she realized that she wanted her hair to "be photoshopped" at all times.

I don't even understand how they decide what kind/tone of skin and hair will "read" as beautiful.

Anyway, I like the first photo of the guy. very 50s rockabilly kind of bad boy.

surimay said...

wowwww. the joys of air brushing :P
i really like looking at flawless images but i think looking at too many of them will give you a warped perception of things. haha. now we know that demi moore is normal! lol.

yes. i love chanel! well..not all of it. but this collection was REALLY pretty! hope you're well too! :D

beckyxoxo said...

Wow nice post ! Love the pics and I agree with you . Haha . Hope you're having a nice weekend and happy valentine's day ! <3


i love the flat shoes too!


hello again!

Where are you from?
I am updating my links ;)

HoneyBunny said...

Great shots! <3

Have a lovely weekend dear:***

leon said...

try not to watch too much jersey shore, it's bad for you