Jan 10, 2010

on outlandish blondes

so lady gaga does it again, this time choosing to be a somewhat Jesus-incarnate. while i respect and admire her madonna-esque chameleon qualities, i've never been a fan of all that outlandishness, simply because i remember her before she got big. she made a nondescript appearance on the Hills (YES i watched that show), and it just seems like shock value now.

clearly, i'm just one person.
veik, from beijing, has taken his adoration to a whole new level by DIY-ing lady gaga dolls!
he's done an absolute TOP JOB of getting her looks down pat, and you can see the looks below...i've put some corresponding real-life photos of her more memorable looks.
for more,
you can take a look at veik's photostream that he constantly updates.
dolls: jesus/THAT kermit coat
lady gaga
her latest incarnation.
lady gaga
the coat.
lady gaga
at the MTV VMAs, where she also gave that heartstopping, OTT and very bloody performance. more like performance art.
and of course, her bow hair/the SS10 mcqueens that could snap ankles like twigs.
joonbug featured an interview with veik, and i picked my favorite question out of the 10 or so:

How long does it take to create each doll?

It depends. Some looks are very easy to make. What is hard for me is finding the materials to make her outfit, makeup, or wigs in doll-size. I try my best to make my dolls look as close as possible to the real person. But I make my dolls at home and am not a professional doll designer or OOAK [one of a kind] doll maker, so materials are very limited. But that's exactly what I advocate, DIY. You can see that I use a pen cap, paper, and black nail polish to make her glasses. I want to tell other doll players that they can create their own Lady Gaga doll with very basic materials you have at home. Especially for kids; I know how I played with dolls when I was a child. I couldn't always ask my parents for money to buy all I wanted to. So, I made things myself. Nowadays, since there are so many people that find me online and not just kids, I'm improving my skill. I hope to do Lady Gaga dolls better than ever, so I'm learning from talented people and improving myself. Although now it will probably take longer than ever to create a doll.

OH, i hear you say-- enough about gaga already!
i couldnt agree more!
so i leave you with this amazing/gross picture of the stylist everyone loves to hate: rachel zoe.
what really baffles me is how her almost-hot, floppy hair, laidback beachbum of a husband, rodger, continues to tolerate her! i remember one ep of the rachel zoe show where he was trying to get it on with her and she totally blew him off. NO, not that way.
as in, "no honey i'm so tired and stressed. another time."
and rodger was sad! poor man!!!
between her raisinface (as coined by perezhilton), bony limbs, visible ribcage, concave chest, self-obsession (watch youtube clips of the show if you dont believe me!), straggly hair and lack of libido-- that's what a diet of coffee does to you!-- i'm amazed rodger continues to be loving and do the sweetest things like tell her shes gorgeous and make her brekkie she barely eats.
even if i had 10 other lives, i'm pretty sure i'd never have been a blonde.
i hope everyone had a great festive season adn a good start to the new year. the second half of junior year starts tomorrow, and already i've been emailed 10o pages to read by this weekend. that's just for one module. so i'm off to do that now.
cheers xx!


Hanako66 said...

zoe looks horrible there!

those barbies are pretty amazing!

Lil Midget said...

lady gaga's....well...gaga when it comes to fashion...lol. outlandish is probably an understatement..perhaps out-planetish would be better. but one has to admire her singing abilities (even if i'm not a fan of her music) and her bravery to don on crazy outfits...

rachel zoe needs to eat..



she looks like a sick person...and I adore Rodger...he is so sweet...