Oct 2, 2009

fishy business

so i got a really cool email the other day about a sustainable type of leather...
of course, what got me intrigued first was this absolutely gorgeous, quintessentially Fall campaign picture: red lips, rich colors, heavy-looking knits. 

The Icelandic Unnur Fridriksdottir, founded the company UNNURWEAR, in 2006, making high quality handbags, accessories and clothing for fashion forward women all over the world.

Translated from Icelandic to mean "waves of the ocean", Unnur’s specialty is using sea-leather in her handbags...yes FISH! The fish being used in the current collections is farm grown Icelandic Salmon and farm grown African Perch. In using sea-leather, UNNURWEAR is contributing to sustainable fashion, and not endangering any species. There is nothing fishy about that!

and i have no idea where i got this picture but it is too gorgeous NOT to post. i can stare at it for hours on end, and she really makes the hourglass look like the most amazing thing to have...complete with exaggerated shoulders, which i'm glad is showing an interesting slowdown in fashion!

the shoulder-pad purveyor extraordinaire christophe decarnin showed lots of restraint in his showing at PFW, choosing to embellish rather than go for volume outright, like what he previously did. FINALLY, i am won over by his aesthetic--rock chick/glam warrior is totally something i can get behind. i'm not sure how i'm going to approach the next season, but for now i'm happy to watch and learn from the runways. 


revisiting old photos took me to this one, taken YEARS ago-- 4 years to be exact. i'd just flown back from melbourne, and how things have changed. of the 5 of us, i'm the only still back home while they've all left to pursue various other things in life. (side note: i guess all our fashion senses have developed too... THANKFULLY!)

while i am infinitely happy to see firneds go for what they want in life, it does make me question my own path. i've literally been to the airport at least twice a week in teh past month or so, just seeing friends off, which of course means i never got on a plane during any of those instances. 

i wouldnt call things fishy...but these murky waters of life are definitely a challenge to navigate in pensive times like these. 


janettaylor said...

Unnur is one of my fave europian bag designer...YAY!


Hanako66 said...

how interesting!!

you will find your path:)

Delmy said...

I checked out the site..they have some great bags!

janet said...

please check out the music video showcasing the s/s 2010 collection for my line graey: http://tinyurl.com/graeyss10

HoneyBunny said...

Love that second photo!

Maverick Malone said...

Interesting post. It's sad seeing friends go...

in any case, I love that dress...

how are things going? here if you wanna chat :)

xx. mavi

Lil Midget said...

the dress is gorgeous!


beckyxoxo said...

love love love ! the pics are gorgeous !

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surimay said...

haha. i am always horrified when i look back at old photos because i was so gross! argh. hopefully i'm a bit better now :P
love love love the second picture! that dress is PRETTY!