Sep 15, 2009

welcome to fall

before you scroll down to look for images, who wants some free marc by MJ goodies!?!??!
well, here's your chance:
darling site SHOP IT TO ME has ingeniously come up with a head-to-head pairing of brands, which will "duel it out" as readers LIKE US vote and determine the winning brands!
if you're not familiar with the site (its been on my sidebar for months now...), you can read a quick summary of its main highlights HERE
now just LOOKING at these head-to-heads, im excited to vote! only the winning brand in each match up will proceed, and it will carry on for 5 whole weeks before a final winner is declared! what's fun about this concept is that WE get to decide which brands we favor--quite a democratization of fashion, no?
its in this spirit of fun that SHOP IT TO ME constantly exists, and here's the best bit i mentioned earlier: as if you needed any extra incentive to take part in this fun fun fun exercise, they're giving away marc by MJ accessories (wristlets, umbrellas, key fobs) too!!!!
right now, its probable that you're thinking WHAT"S THE CATCH?
and the truth is, there's NONE. all you need to do is:
  1.  click on any of the SHOP IT TO ME links contained in this post, which will get you to the site. 
  2. sign up as a member, if you havent already. membership perks? read about them HERE.
  3. ONCE YOU'RE A MEMBER, click HERE to start voting for your favorite labels, and watch their competition crash out! haha evil...
  4. cross your fingers and hope you win some goodies. if not, keep playing! 5 weeks, dude.
either way, its a free, easy and FUN activity that combines fashion with good old competition-- i mean, doesnt everyone love a winner? ;)
shot by daniel schroeder in south africa for MAXI magazine, these images remind me completely of the season we're about to enter into. the saturated colors, sunset hues and glow from the light cast on the model's face all synthesize to a lovely warm pinkness set in nature. 
it really was love at first sight for me...
and while i have no doubt the photos were enhanced, i would still love to see a park full of colored leaves.
now i dont get a particularly fall-esque vibe from her clothes, which in fact are rather summery, but reds, blues, and girlish ruffles with the quintessential girl shoe, the Mary Jane, make this model quite the ingénue!
i especially like that this is juxtaposed with her edgy hair...reminds me of karla from karla's closet. i don't think i can pull such a hairstyle, but i can certainly try adopting this primary color palette!
to a good season and good things ahead. 


Cathy Voyage said...

Lovely pics!

Couture Carrie said...

I love the red quality of the light in these photos!

And true, they look more like summer clothes!


Amelia said...

The colors in these pictures are just amazing. Wow!

CharmaineLi said...

I get more a summery vibe tooo but the earthy maroon tones are GORGEOUS!

ashford said...

Oh lady--Just when I was planning my surprise relaunch, my computer has to be sent to the doctor! No fear, Ashford Gets Dressed will be reappearing, albeit at a later date than planned.

and yes, these photos are gorgeous!

Pennerad said...

quite a sharp contrast to the monochromatic palette typical to fall.
i DO love karla's hair. it's fantastic.

Lilee said...

great editorial! prettty!

Hanako66 said...

these are beautiful...I am very excited for the seasons to change!

Forgetmenot said...


Valentine said...

I do enjoy competition... secretly. hehe. Glad you liked Miss Funny/Freaky eyes.

Was about to mention that clothes do have that fall-esque vibe to them despite looking very summery.. But then again.. Its summer all year round here so my idea of what fall clothes should look like might be a little wonky.


Fashion By He said...

gotta go #2

great your blog

come check out my blog too, first ever fashion blog from a guys POV

Jenny H. said...

fabulous pictures.
wanna trade links?

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