Aug 12, 2009

too much of a good thing

so, chanel's come up with something that really goes over the top. the classical felt and boiled wool flap bag adorned with jewel symbols of russian history. YES, that is its full, OFFICIAL name. part of the so-titled paris-moscou collection (not sure why its spelt that way...), which features plenty of ornate, bejewelled opulence--much like the collections of marie antoinette and russian czars so referenced by The Kaiser. 

the 2.55 is such a classic, but i guess abit of updating never hurt anyone. i just think this is all a bit too much. 
thank you all for your lovely, encouraging and candid comments from the last post--that in large part is why i knew i couldn't just abandon this project i started so long ago. in fact, i have to be better at it. along with all the lovely people i've met through this blog. 
thank you.