Jul 12, 2009

forgive my indulgence

the post is so titled because i have nothing sartorially-related to say today. it's been a fortnight at the law firm, and i enjoy what i do but the hours are long (fact, not complaint!), and the mind gets tired. but i'm glad i've realised that this is for me, as opposed to running in the other direction.
i feel an acute disconnect with certain parts of my life. you know how a gear system only works smoothly when every cog's in place? not every cog's in place in my life, and the halting shakiness i experience that should otherwise be seamless transition--it just means i have a ways to go. be it because my interests are eclectic, my interface to the world is strange, that i am somehow socially intimidating, or that maybe i'm just too damn average. all of those reasons are equally baffling and pathetic simultaneously-- i don't like getting shortchanged, so i will continue to resist the suffocating encroaches of the distinct helplessness that i'm not getting my money's worth out of life. 
of course, its tough not to get into specifics, but it is for that very reason that i won't. this platform is NOT to be abused with mindless selfcentred rants, published in the hope that someone out there will have a comforting anecdote or two. i want to continue to use the public arena as wisely as i can...and besides, i'm not on my 5th journal for nothing.

So, it's been a really long while since i had anything of worth to say on this platform... and for good reason. i've been thinking for a long time about how these blogs serve more than the readers and their voyeurism/genuine interest/boredom (delete where applicable); they feed on our own need for approval and exhibitionism. i am glad each time someone says "nice outfit!", or "great shoes!", but if my blog is about me and what i wear, then surely that's too shallow a reason for its existence. 
AGAIN, let me disclaim that this is completely a personal opinion, and i reserve all rights to respond to this matter on that note. 

lastly, do forgive my indulgence--if it does so happen that you've actually persevered with reading till this point. once in a blue moon, i do need to air some views. 

have a good week all!