Jun 20, 2009

cali #1: socal

so, its basically been FOREVER since i posted anything, and a month away from everything, really, i think has done me some good. the AIM of it all was really to just live like a regular local, not a tourist--thumbs down to the glamor, none of that hotel-in-the-city nonsense, no guidebooks, no companions, no concrete plans. nothing but an open heart, a wide smile and wisecracks to keep me going. 
i'm happy to report it worked like a charm. 

 i demur from lengthy ruminations here, lest i reveal too much depth (OH, the horror!) for a fashion blog--just kidding. 
so the first half of the trip was spent in socal. unfortunately i didnt take many photos on the trip in general, so i have little to show for the month, but many MANY memories i can happily assure you. i wont post the boring personal bits, dont worry. you may read on in peace.
prop 8 signs still displayed from dorm rooms--this was my view every morning. just reminds you that you're in california. LA was the first stop...
of course i had to hit up venice beach and santa monica, soak in all that LA beachiness...i think this shot was for myself to remember the location, or something. 
venice beach is an eclectic blend of everything you'd expect from LA, except the glamor. hippies trying to tell you the sky is falling, skateboarders weaving in and out, girls in bikinis laughing, street vendors hawking their wares, cyclists and joggers with the occasional dog, the odd tourist, every hairstyle imaginable, the list goes on.
not on miami ink or la ink, but a pretty famous tattoo shop anyways. friends wanted to hit it up and they were satisfied with their end results. 
i, on the other hand, made no bodily modifications, although i did meet 2 new friends. i forget her name, but she was warm and heavy and substantial (and quite moody)--so i'm not sure why we call reptiles cold-blooded. 
then rodeo drive of course...not bothered with the picture taking, as you already know, but the FAMOUS PRADA FLAGSHIP STORE, i had to snap. designed by rem koolhaas, it made headlines in 2004 when it opened, with its open concept and seemingly-counterintuitive lack of flashy advertising. 

personally? i think its smart. on one of the most ostentatious boulevards in the world, sometimes less is more, and the extended storefront, anonymous mannequins, and imposing staircase of iconic luggage have combined to make this store a standout on the street, in a quiet classy way that truly says LUXURY.
 and the worldfamous sprinkles cupcakes a block down. the line stretched out the door, but that's what happens all the time anyways. strangely enough, there was no line at all at stanford shopping centre when i went to that branch. hmmm.
that was afternoon tea, supper and breakfast the next morning. waaaaay too sweet for my liking, i must say, but once i scraped off some of the frosting i was good to go.  
beverly hills. nice residential area, really close by where i was living, so it was nice to see that much greenery, especially when stuck in traffic which was a daily occurrence. 
and the nearby cedars-sinai medical centre, which if you read anything gossipy, you'll know about. the facility of choice for most celebs, probably due to its proximity to their homes.
i just had to. i'm still a fan after all these years, YES!
i just had to #2. seriously, if you're standing there having a conversation with 2 guys just dressed up like that, you're probably not gonna resist a photo op. especially not if they volunteer to orchestrate it for you. 
yes, kitson was a stop. and i've really liked nicole richie's house of harlow 1960 stuff, so i checked it out. weirdly enough, the piece i liked the best, the black necklace, was super light despite it looking pretty substantial in photos. it felt flimsy and thus very cheap, and i just didnt feel the price was right. $125 just wasnt worth it.
these earrings on the other hand, were properly gold plated, and bold enough to make a statement without breaking the bank. they also come in a bunch of other colors (blue, green purple, white), with the same black stones. whatever, i have a piece of her jewelry now!
 and a nice blue kitson box. -_-
next was san diego, which i took the train to just completely on a whim. 
a new friend so kindly opened his pacific beach condo, and thankfully he had 2 big couches. (ooh, choice!) visited the various neighbourhoods there, and SD is just gorgeous really, but unfortunately it RAINED while i was there. 
imagine: rain, in socal, in summer.
but the pacific ocean made it completely worth it--the coastline, the breeze, the rocky outcrops, the stretch of cliff, the white waves, the penguins and crabs...
it was so stupid taking a photo but i couldnt NOT take one, it was pretty amazing to have the world's largest ocean at your feet pretty much. my friend acquiesced to take the photo, but having spent his life in SD, he just didnt get my fascination. :)
and then i had my flight to san francisco.
ps: southwest airlines are the BEST. i switched my flights 3x with no hassle, the last of which being 12 hours before i was due to fly. fabulous.
pps: thank you everyone for still reading my sketchy posts, and for all your lovely comments. i will get down to replying EACH ONE of them in the coming week when i'm done with being jet-lagged. have a good father's day! :)
ppps: wearing-- silence + noise blazer, ck top, levi's.


Yoshi said...

i stumbled upon your blog

&, I noticed we have the same exact blog title!
coldplay?! (=

janettaylor said...

What a great time...cool photos...


Cathy Voyage said...

Great pics!

N said...

hey it's ning C: looks like you had a great time in the states.
followed you on twitter, add back? @poptartttt

Ashford said...

You're back! WOOOOOOOO

Mimi said...

Glad to have you back!

Your trip looks like so much fun!!!


Hanako66 said...

looks like a great trip!

la is so much fun:)

Lexie said...

i love that last photo of you! gorgeous!

also i think i would buy something from kitson just to carry the bag around! ha.

tis serendipity said...

ooooh mannn so so so awesome!! sounds like you're having soo much fun!! =DD hahaha i totally love the guys' dressed up as Joker and ermm... who?? robocop? Haha!! how cute and rather freaky of them...

Eww britney!! X( *barF!!*

so when are you coming back man!! you look totally cute in that photo with the snake. X)