May 14, 2009


by the way everyone, LINKS have been updated on teh sidebar...and now there are more great selections of lovely people from the blogosphere. happy perusing! xx
AA tank, asos striped skirt, stuart weitzman magenta honorroll pumps, marc jacobs eugenie clutch, tiffany heart tag bracelet, swarovski crystal locket (mom's)

and HUGE props to my dear friend evangeline for carting back my load of asos goodies from (gloomy??) edinburgh! i had no idea i bought THAT MUCH STUFF until she passed me a paper bag that was way heavier than i had imagined in my small mind. tsk. hopefully i'll get to put up some more of the stuff in time to come.
she blogs about lifestyle in general, so you can check out the link above.
closeups: candystriped skirt/magenta pumps (my ankles look weird!!!)/crystal locket.
 those shoes are SERIOUSLY shiny in real life. i remember when i was trying them on, the lady next to me remarked that i liked attention-grabbing shoes. 
how wry.

the shoes came in really handy cos the skirt was a bit long, in my opinion. do you guys think i need to shorten it? it really is Quite Long!!! 
but what i did/do like is how all the colors means that the skirt can be matched with any pair of shoes/any top/etc. its quite a fun piece to wear, but VERY UNFORGIVING. hehe
in the meantime, i'm SOOOO behind on current movies no amount of keeping up with online gossip and the news will save me from social suicide. just some movies i have yet to see but want to: (feel free to tell me its not worth my time...):
  • the curious case of benjamin button
  • frost/nixon
  • revolutionary road
  • milk
  • xmen origins
  • anything playing in cinemas now, to be honest. 
so all i'm crossing my fingers for is inflight entertainment. cheers all! ONE WEEK TO LA. not sure how i feel about the whole thing.


*** said...

Oooh I just love the skirt. I don't know if it's the stripes or the length or both but I love it.
That vest you commented on was a real find, it was on sale for $10. I never buy UO stuff full price, not worth it since you know everyone and their mom will be wearing it.
I am adding you to my links! :)

Manja said...

You look great...I like that outfit a lot! I don't think you need to shorten the skirt, it doesn't make you look short or anything, it looks really good on you!

I think I will post outfit pictures sometime today....I am wearing the pink vintage dres I just bought :)

janettaylor said...

I love Ur skirt. Reminds of SJP colorful striped skirt for SATC season!


HoneyBunny said...

Wow such an amazing look! Love that skirt with the tank! I first thought it was a dress:)

The Clothes Horse said...

Pretty look--I love the elegant length of the skirt and that necklace.

Delmy said...

I Loooove your skirt. I didn't remove you from my blog roll. I don't know what happened. I will be adding you now. XO!

Mimi said...

Loving the skirt, and the shoes are divine!


lauren said...

i love this outfit! and i don't think you need to shorten the skirt unless it bothers you. it's adorable!

Summer said...

Oh i love your skirt.Btw, hope you could put my blog link in your site,and i would really appreciate it.Thanks a lot,have a great day ahead.;D

A Writers Den

PASH UP said...

love your skirt <3 !!!

Solo said...

Love the skirt too.And i agree with Manja,you don't have to cut it short,looking forward on your next post.Have a nice day.;D

Travel and Living

She's Dressing Up said...

The skirt is gorgeous!! I'd heard that Benjamin Button was quite boring before I saw it but I loved it, even though it is very long!

Mimi said...

Right, who knew that little ol' Vanessa from Brooklyn was a knock-out?


P. S. I thought I would let you know I just added your fabulous blog to my blog list ♥

Couture Carrie said...

You look lovely! That skirt is fantastic ~ I love the length; as long as you wear heels, it's very flattering!

So you are in law school?


stellawantstodie said...

love that skirt!!!

is fantstic!!
great outif!


Mariona said...

Thanks a lot beautiful, love love love your asos striped skirt, so great on you, kisses from bcn a mua

Pop Champagne said...

oooh cute magenta heels! It goes very well with the dress! :D

kirstyb said...

Images were not from WWWD - I had no idea what that was until you commented. Thanks that was a great find. The pics were from more mag and net-a-porter woopsie xoxoxo

Ruta said...

so simple, yet so magnificent. love.

♥ fashion chalet said...

No, not Queen Amidalah lol, a buddha symbol :) thanks for the shoe comments, lady! A girl after my own heart. :)


Song of Style said...

LOVE this outfit. really love that long skirt of urs

xs said...

i like it long. if you're going to wear heels, i say leave it, if with flats, i think it should be shortened a tad. cute look!

Manja said...

I'm glad you're leaving it this way! No my cam is (unfortunately) not that good...I edited the pictures ;-)

surimay said...

helloooooooo! :D YES! let us link up ;P hehe.

and you look gorgeous! the skirt is really pretty. it's nice long i think. very elegant. but i guess if you want something more young and fresh...a bit shorter is ok too. but i think long is better :P haha very biased here.

p.s. crystal locket! aaah! so pretty!

Boubou said...

hey ! you have such a lovely blog ! Love the necklace !!

a bientot !

Boubou xx

londynkouture said...

love the long skirt, very classy


Hanako66 said...

This outfit is perfection....I totally adore it! The skirt would look cute shorter, but I kind of love the length!

michelle said...

i know this is late... but i think the length of the skirt brings out its structure :) hope you didnt shorten it!