May 5, 2009

back from the dead, y'all: V mag summer swimsuits

why hello, i am back and i cannot wait to get started on SUMMER!!!!! hopefully all the revelry will help me forget about the disastrous semester that just passed. SO LET ME GET RIGHT TO IT.
so the famed mario testino does it again--and with 6 top models no less. V MAGAZINE's swimsuit edition's definitely put the heat on for summer--and the pressure that comes with it!! 
which cover do you think will sell the best? eva looks like she's having alot of fun with the shoot, and i love it when fashion doesnt take itself too scowl-y-seriously. 
and as a consolation prize... as much as i disapprove of her personal life, i think miz moss looks ferosh on that cover. i also hope that's synthetic hair never know martin margiela

all that bright color of the magazine reminded me of armin zogbaum's shoot for AD magazine just 1 or 2 months back. i was really taken by the saturation of the hues and the kitschy way in which homeware was presented--normally these lifestyle shoots tend to be as true to life as possible, so you can apply that normalcy to your own home!
but if there's anything that fashion's taught me: 
sometimes the less realistic it is the better. outrageousness can be fun! while it may not be my personal style, the humanness in all of us can never deny aesthetic beauty. 
view more of his gorgeous photography at RENE HAUSER, the agency representing him.

and moving to the other extreme on the rainbow spectrum...
BY FAR the most exciting thing coming up on my calendar is THIS:
gareth pugh FW09
i promise i will take as many photos as i can from my sad little 5th row seat. 
the biggest question right now isnt how amazing its going to be (immensely), how excited i am (immeasurably), or how big a fashion coup this is-- he showed this collection pretty much only as a video at the fashion weeks... so to see the pieces LIVE down the runway is going to be MAYJUH.
the question is: what do i wear??!?!?!?!? 
not-so-mild panic aside, hopefully the show will yield fabulous photographs, interesting soundbites and lots of sartorial inspiration. cheers all!

and one last new fangled site, on the topic of inspiration...


rivalling the all-but-celebrity photogs we know on a first name basis like garance, tommy, altamira, scott and the folks at dropsnap, jason of CITIZENCOUTURE delivers high-res, categorized shots, beginning from NYFW, FW09. 
so yea, he's kiiinda new to the scene. who isnt'!?!??! everyone's out there doing something streetstyle related, and you know that's true when people snap the snappers snapping away. (i.e. tommy takes scott taking carine...)
anyway, i just thought i'd share this with you because goodness KNOWS we've had the core elite streetstyle photogs dominate the blogs/inspiration boards/forum threads for too long now. the more the merrier, right? :) 

ps: thanks to the handful that sympathized/empathized...detractors are nothing new. but after all this i realised there's nothing wrong with a bit more security. :) thank you all sweeties! xx


janettaylor said...

Great post! I totally love Rene Hauser.


HoneyBunny said...

Nice post! I like the cover with Kate most as well I guess, although Daria looks quite good on there a. w. ;)

copperoranges said...

i love the claudia is still modeling! she is so hot on that cover! i'm not usually a fan of swimsuit spreads because they always come across as more sexy than fashionable, but these are great!

Ellie said...

Definately like the eva cover best.

The Stiletto Effect said...

Kate looks amazing on that cover.
I love Gareth Pugh, he's a genious!

Ashford said...

jealous over your 5th row seat!!
I'd buy kate, or maybe daria.