May 23, 2009

dolci pair of dolces

in the absence of any verbal capacity at 4am in the morning, i will simply let the pictures speak. i dont think they do justice to the shoe, but its better than nothing.

btw, if you're interested in a great rainbow brite coral summer shade, the nail color in the pictures = Mod-ern Girl from the mod about brights collectionPhotobucket
the shoes also come in a 1-inch platform version, with a buckle closure rather than tie. 
ps: i'm not sure how the pictures ended up like that, but my legs ARE NOT such a horrendously  burnished shade, nor are they as luminescent as the camera flash misleads one to think. tsk!
brevity is the soul of wit. xx

May 20, 2009


shot by markus jans for deutsche Vogue, this jewelry special Realy caught my eye. i'm not sure if i've blogged about my abysmal accessorizing skills, but other bloggers can definitely tell you that i've divulged it to them on the occasions that they display an extraordinary flair as such.
additionally, the makeup was done by renowned artist thorsten weiss and i LOVE the strong brows--they really make a statement in an imperceptibly masculine way that is so sorely overlooked these days with everyone trying to be either floaty and saccharine pretty or the pendulum swing of liquid-liner-indie. 
but the star is all that heavyduty gold stuff. 
i need me some heavy chains and cuffs in 24K. or whatever can pass for it! thoughts!?
also, by the time you read this i will be mere hours away from my flight to LA (flying thurs morning!). i'm not sure how updating will work while i'm there, seeing as i wont be bringing my laptop along. BOO! 
i guess i will still have TWITTER where i can post blurbs...but sometimes that doesnt cut it. i will definitely be keeping up with my favorite blogs (see side!) while i'm there...but as for anyone who bothers to read this, patience is advised. 
much love, see u all soon! xx

ps: anyone in LA/SF right now? comment me!

May 18, 2009

cocktail dress + Q&A

'spotlight' by warehouse  toga dress, stainless steel bangle from hongkong, stuart weitzman jet mirror alto platform pumps.
excuse the weird facial expressions...i get like that sometimes. i smile plenty normally, just not when im alone and facing my small camera.
wore this to a dinner party over the weekend... it was specified "dresses or nothing at all for the ladies", so i chose the former. haha. the photo was taken POST-dinner...and mind you this wasn't just your typical fare of hors d'oeuvrs and canapes...NO. it was a fullblown 7course individually plated Cantonese dinner.
lovely food, washed down with copious amounts of chinese tea, champagne and white wine.  
i realise you cant see...but the toga side of the dress is actually a big satin bow! very SJP if i say so myself, and that's actually why i bought the dress in teh first place. its from warehouse's line for special occasions, spotlight. this dress is no longer in stock but many similar styles are still up for grabs. check it out! :)
ok facebook has yielded a photo of the big blue bow!

what's a girl to do with champagne and wine? why, have both of course! :) xx

so...i was tagged by the lovely honeybunny to do a Q&A, so here it is!

What is your current obsession ?
my new silver and tan leather Dolces, green tea, squats, anything woolly, yoghurt.

What are you wearing today ?
richard nicoll top, white shorts, big earrings, no makeup.

What's for dinner ?
fruit salad, grilled fish with lemon honey sauce, mash, and ice cream for dessert.

What are you listening to right now ?
After Dark by Le Tigre

What do you think about the person who tagged you ?
she's lovely and porcelain and very perfectly girly.

What's your must have piece for summer ?
nice cut-out sleeveless tops, fierce sandals, and heavy accessorizing.

If you could go anywhere in the world for next hour, where would you go ?
any where in Italy or Spain for the best homecooked native meal they offer.

Which language do you want to learn ?
currently abysmal, but I've already started Spanish and French. (for a number of years now..that's how slow i am!)

What's your favorite quote ?
"it is the spectacular, and not life, that art truly mirrors." -Oscar Wilde

What is your favorite piece of clothing in your own closet ?
probably my sheer CK blazer at the moment--it goes with anything.

What is your dream job ?

Any favorite model ?
mostly the males? KIDDING!!! anja rubik and ai tominaga.

Favorite designer ?
NICHOLAS GHESQUIRE, dries van noten, phillip lim.

What do you consider a fashion faux pas ?
wearing too many trends at once, and wearing designer top-to-toe; there's no personal stamp in either of those cases.

Describe your personal style ?
Clean lines, lots of mix-and-match, embraces color, accented with fabulous accessories.

What's the most expensive fashion item you've ever purchased?
probably a bag...the Balenciaga Lune.

The rules :
1. Respond and rework; answer the question on your blog, replace one question that you dislike with a question of your invention, add more one question of your own.
2. Tag eight other people.

SO...i tag: (all these blogs are on my sidebar--so take a visit! :))
  • Ashford from ashford gets dressed
  • Zoe from Graciously Zoe
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if you guys have any other questions (cant imagine THAT being the case!), just ask away by commenting. i dont want to paint myself as more interesting than i may be....
nor less so, by the same token! :)
cheers all xxxxx

May 16, 2009

fierce spring denim

this evening at dinner my friend asked, "what's the next big thing for spring?" 
and that really got me thinking. i guess i could be all forward-looking and trendy, but i must say my personal style eschews what's "HOT" (stuff that got passed over include: gladiators, fringe, cross-body 'vintage' bags) for what i feel i can pull off appropriately.
that being said, this editorial by john scarisbrick for bon magazine sparked a veritable fire in my imagination: FIERCE SPRING DENIM sums it up, i suppose. now where is that jean jacket when you need it most...
denim clearly comes in all sizes, color, textures and shapes--and you can pair them with anything! dress them up, dress them down, ripped, patchworked, shredded, just never ends!
ridiculously inspirational, i hope this gives us all some ideas as to how to welcome spring BESIDES a walk down a flowery garden path. 
to quote:
"florals? for spring? ground-breaking."
-Miranda Priestly, The Devil Wears Prada

and if you need FURTHER assurance that denim is back with a vengeance, (at least this season), barneys is in on the whole denim thing too. this time, its recycling to the rescue, as old jeans get a new lease on life, thanks to the 8 lovely designers named above.
random news alert... i got:
  1. a haircut
  2. a ridiculously amazing pair of Dolce & Gabbana tan and mirrored leather strappys. photos to come soon i promise, xx

May 14, 2009


by the way everyone, LINKS have been updated on teh sidebar...and now there are more great selections of lovely people from the blogosphere. happy perusing! xx
AA tank, asos striped skirt, stuart weitzman magenta honorroll pumps, marc jacobs eugenie clutch, tiffany heart tag bracelet, swarovski crystal locket (mom's)

and HUGE props to my dear friend evangeline for carting back my load of asos goodies from (gloomy??) edinburgh! i had no idea i bought THAT MUCH STUFF until she passed me a paper bag that was way heavier than i had imagined in my small mind. tsk. hopefully i'll get to put up some more of the stuff in time to come.
she blogs about lifestyle in general, so you can check out the link above.
closeups: candystriped skirt/magenta pumps (my ankles look weird!!!)/crystal locket.
 those shoes are SERIOUSLY shiny in real life. i remember when i was trying them on, the lady next to me remarked that i liked attention-grabbing shoes. 
how wry.

the shoes came in really handy cos the skirt was a bit long, in my opinion. do you guys think i need to shorten it? it really is Quite Long!!! 
but what i did/do like is how all the colors means that the skirt can be matched with any pair of shoes/any top/etc. its quite a fun piece to wear, but VERY UNFORGIVING. hehe
in the meantime, i'm SOOOO behind on current movies no amount of keeping up with online gossip and the news will save me from social suicide. just some movies i have yet to see but want to: (feel free to tell me its not worth my time...):
  • the curious case of benjamin button
  • frost/nixon
  • revolutionary road
  • milk
  • xmen origins
  • anything playing in cinemas now, to be honest. 
so all i'm crossing my fingers for is inflight entertainment. cheers all! ONE WEEK TO LA. not sure how i feel about the whole thing.

May 13, 2009

feeling green in marni

oh joy, the camera's back...and along with it, the cuffed trews! i'm certainly glad to have higher res photos for my own sake...instead of my poor photobooth laptop webcam of a substitute.
marni knit/cotton top, robinson pants (mom's), pedder red leather platforms, balenciaga wool/leather city, tiffany heart tag bracelet.
 my mom also made me wear that black tube inside so that no wardrobe malfunction would occur...
thou i personally feel that a deep v-neck is no problem if consuelo castiglioni intended for it to be that way, haha.
this particular city was a seasonal one (i think it was fw07!?), that's why it came in a gray wool combination rather than the usual cracked leather. eitherways, you can't find it anymore and another interesting feature is the metallic hardware that's shiny instead of the usual matte. 
and close up.
in a moment of shopping folly enticed by a discount, my mom bought it-- for herself actually, but i borrowed it cos i thought i could wear it differently than she would.  
but i think sometimes the $$ may be worth it in the light of clothes = investment. its just a paradigm shift i had a few years back. any thoughts? there's alot of discussion as to teh relevance of "luxury goods" in the current economic situation. 

May 11, 2009


anatomy of a fashion show:
i'm just gonna let the pictures do the talking. minimal captions provided. ENJOY!!!
while gareth pugh showed even in paris in video form, to be the first IN THE WORLD to see his creations being worn down the runway was nothing short of a privilege.
the tent
the hallowed inner sanctum of fashion gets an ethereal, otherworldly glow...weirdly enough the gothic-camp darkness of the collection to come is a fitting complement to this icy blue swathe.
and the countdown begins:
(YES I KNOW everyone out there has already seen th video but just bear with the screenshots ok!?!? its a different experience on your laptop screen and on a huge projection one complete with surround sound and thumping beats.)
and then the video ends and everyone is nearly jumping out of their seats with the frenzy--the energy level in the stands reaches fever pitch; the entire mass of people are almost quivering as a giant entity ready to swallow whatever is to come next. 
and the screen splits in half, monstrously moving apart to reveal its innermost gems...
the thumping beats start up again, and everyone goes wild for the first runway stomp.
it was genius after genius after genius piece, all earthy and elemental-inspired, heavyduty hardware and boots and ripped shreds with cozy/spiky glittering coats, mesh, platforms...
the look was complemented with wisps of hair across the models' faces, and dark dark makeup and a nude lip. 
i really liked his menswear. 
then, just as it started and we had the wind knocked out of us, the full blast of lights came on and the proverbial curtain was dropped then raised, and a whole line of his beings paraded out for one last time. 
that's when the coherence of his aesthetic hit--elemental hematite, oxidized metal, superior craftsmanship in shaping the darkness he sought to wield. it all clicked...then before anyone could focus their cameras, 
out comes The Man Himself, to raucous, thunderous applause and plenty of catcalling.
2 seconds, a shy smile and the slightest of bows, then like a jack-in-the-box, he bounds backstage while the frenzied crowd covers his person in the luminescence of flashbulbs and digicams. 
(as you can see--all i got was his back.)
then, just as soon as it all started, and before we can process the magnitude of it all, all we are left with is to ponder is how he did what he did, while his name in lights teases us.
ashley isham-designed coke light commemorative bottles. 
i was lucky to get one as i entered the Tent. only 100, 000 of these were made, and i suppose its hard to resist a bottle that's festooned with jewels!
i greatly enjoyed the experience...
more outfit shots to come, but for now this is what i leave you with.