Apr 29, 2009


ok i have had to enable comment moderation due to some unpleasantries...
its nothing that hasn't been said before nor that i can't handle, but the fashion blogging community is an amazing one to be part of and i will honor that. (most bloggers enable moderation anyway, so this is really just to let you al know.) 

and if YOU (and all the other Yous) really wanted to say something, hiding behind the veil of anonymity is really counterintuitive to having your opinion heard. either that or you need to grow some balls. fo shiz.

pardon my french, everyone else who's been nothing short of lovely!
i've been living in sweats, tees and shorts, so even if i wanted to, i've got nothing for ya lol.
 happy summer times ahead, xx


janettaylor said...

Hi Honey,

I totally agree and I have had to enable comment moderation..., because my blog is thematic fashion blog, but some people is really sardonic... :((((


HoneyBunny said...

I prefer comment moderation even though I haven't received any unpleasant comment:) Just feels safer;)

copperoranges said...

ooooh anonymous commenters!

i'm sorry you had to deal with unpleasantries! i dont see how karla, rumi, etc stand all that garbage.

surimay said...

aah all them haters. they're so strange and random. i've fortunately never had to experience it yet. but i think comment moderation is good anyway because you won't miss out on comments made on older posts. it notifies you right? perhaps i should go on comment moderation too. make sure i don't miss anything!

p.s. good luck for you exams! :D

Ziling said...

All anonymous haters should be burn in hell! Hehe sorry for that but anyway, dont take their comments to heart! cheerup hun! :)

Ruta said...

yeah i agree with you, there are a lot of rude people out there. i just don't allow anonymous posters anymore. don't worry. people are just really mean sometimes. supporting you, 100%.