Apr 19, 2009

lazy sunday in stuarts

ps: V: shoutout! i'm back alot sooner than you expected. guffaws ensue. ;) cheers babe!
today i met my a bunch of friends for high-tea at the shangri-la hotel's rose verandah... except that there were no roses in sight. anyway, i decided to go casual for this event; it was my friend ming's birthday, and she flew back from the UK specially to celebrate with friends and family over her easter break.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MING!!! many happy returns! :)
izzue metallic silver woolen knit top, levi's cuffed 534s, accessorize multi necklace, stuart weitzman jet mirror altos.

i first discovered the brand izzue on a trip to hongkong with my mom. a fashion editor friend of my mom recommended that we take a look at the multibrand boutique I.T. from HK (much like singapore's club21 or LA's kitson), stocks hip labels like fcuk and a bathing ape.

izzue is one of the homegrown (i.e. HK) designer labels it carries, along with other up-and-coming lines like 5CM and B+ab. however, i find most of thoses brands too cutesy and very typically hongkonger and not to my taste-- lots of layers, clashing prints, voluminous tops and ruched jersey pants.
izzue was unlike all of that.
established in 1999, its design aesthetic is one of simplicity and clean lines, with many of their collections styled after european labels, and colors kept solid and limited. i bought 2 items from their collection: this amazing silver knit top and a white dress.
izzue's clothes are made in very limited quantities (YAY), which means better workmanship. i think this picture shows it more clearly--the stitching is impeccable and you can see the iridescence of the metallic thread that's interwoven in the material.
but whatever!
its comfy, versatile, simple. just the way i like it. i have NEVER spent such amounts on a new label unknown to me before, but izzue really made me a convert. the label has done well enough to get a standalone boutique in the larger malls, in addition to being stocked within I.T. itself. even the boutiques are painted all black with utilitarian silver bars on which the clothes are sparsely hung. i love its basic aesthetic.
the maiden shots (again, photobooth does NO JUSTICE) of my stuarts. got them on sale (whoopee!!!) and i was really drawn to them because they reminded me SO MUCH of the jil sander platforms (which are mad-vertiginous and mad-pricey) as well as the less-famous costume national heels...
in particular, the "V" shape kinda shows off your feet a wee bit more. a power shoe if i ever saw one. i cant wait to wear them in a courtroom! hopefully!
closeup! its called the jet mirror for obvious reasons...the heel and the platform are accented with a shiny surface, just so you can smile smugly to yourself while standing tall. hehe.
double-sided loewe leather tote.
sorry for the shitty photoshop...but what's new? you should know my incompetence by now.
one side with the logo, the other with the label spelled out. this was actually from the same HK trip that i took with my mom... we walked into the peninsula hotel shopping gallery one morning and VOILA. s-a-l-e. i cannot wait for barney's in LA for more discounts.

but i've always maintained that there's a difference between the COST of something and the WORTH of something. and i think you'll be hard-pressed to disagree with something like that.

see you all in may!!!!


janettaylor said...

Hey girl,

Awesome! YAY! I want the LOEWE bag... Ur piece is really great!


La Fée said...

ooh I love the heels and your necklace!

Maverick Malone said...

Love that necklace, LOVE those heels!! Come back soooooon!!!

xoxo, mavi

v said...

cool brand

copperoranges said...

those pumps are GORGEOUS! i'm not for designer bags with the logo on the outside though. .. reminds me too much of middle school and the dooney and bourke phenomenon that took over!

Kira Fashion said...

Not so lazy!
I love your pumps so much!!!

Kisses girl!

yiqin; said...

I want all your shoes!

sarah said...

i like those shoes a lot!

Cathy Voyage said...

I'm gonna miss you! See you in may!

Hanako66 said...

you look so cute, those shoes are AMAZING!

Lil Midget said...

i love the necklace :) xx

Lily said...

OooOO those shoes are CUTE! You're looking gorgeous, as always :)


Ziling said...

i love your shoes! i love sales too! well who don't right? :p

sure thing, i would love to! linking you up in a minute my dear!

HoneyBunny said...

You look lovely:) Love that top and the shoes<3

Good luck in your exams;*

Mimi said...

You look amazing my dear!


styledigger said...

Simple but so stylish! cute.

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

casual chic is one of my fav looks!! love the necklace :)

Anonymous said...

andrea! it's lisa (from lawwww). you're going to LA in summer? when will you be there!

Ashford said...

oh man if you wear those heels in court, you're going to win. every time!

tis serendipity said...

Ooo nice outfit!! I really like that necklace from accessorize. ;) Adds a nice quirky touch of color to your outfit. And those heels are awesome.

I actually went to I.T when I went to HK for a trip last year (the langham place outlet) and it was incredible!!! Really really awesome stuff that was all sooo pretty and expensive >< H&M was just upstairs so that was really awesome too haha

* Fashion Dreamer * said...

Cute outfit, I love the statement necklace! And of course those shoes. And the bag...oh I just love it all!! x

Anonymous said...
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