Apr 3, 2009

hello dolly!: the loub edition

dearest friends, readers, fellow bloggers...
the big acquisition i recently blogged about is ready for reveal! i have not been able to wait any longer to share this exciting piece of news with everyone. however, due to my camera woes, i only have pictures culled from online for you. 
i promise that 3 weeks from now there will be so many high-res pictures your browsers won't load. thank you for your enduring patience and generosity with Life In Technicolor!
the first pair of loubs: the miminette 70mm in patent orange, size 37 (just in case anyone feels particularly generous. runs true to size, but of course!)
yes, please pardon my POOR POOR photoshop skills-- all i could do was:
 magic wand--> selection --> fill --> color (orange). 
but you get the point...this is an epic moment in any fashion blogger's life. in fact, any girl's life. no one has yet to lay eyes on them and i admit i have been too apprehensive to even wear them outside the confines of my bedroom.
until i get over this, (and until i get my camera back)...this will have to do.
next thing:

thanks to my dearest fellow blogger ashford for being such a wonderful source of ideas and support in the past few months! i would give all these awards back to you if i could! :) xx
1) the lemonade award

2) the proximity award:

This blog invests and believes in PROXIMITY - nearness in space, time and relationships. These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. Check out these writers--they may very well become your friends, like what happened to me! :)
The rules are: This blog award should be sent to your favorite eight bloggers and they, in turn should forward to eight of their favorites.  I am tagging the following because not only do I love their blogs, but I consider myself lucky for meeting them: 

  1. V from the valentine journals: thank you for sharing so much with me--experiences, tips, a bit of who you are. :)
  2. mavi from maverick malone: we've become such fast friends, too bad about SF! but thanks!
  3. lynnette from tis serendipity: its indeed serendipity that we meet ONLINE years after being friends in real life! see u soon...
  4. kira from kira fashion: lovely to talk to you and you always have so much love for everyone haha. a kiss and a hug!
  5. tina from luphia loves: i always call you luphia cos its easier haha but love your blog and i'm glad we got along so quick.
  6. cathy voyage from almost stylish: full of color and always ready to tell you how nice you look! thanks cathy
  7. honeybunny from honey bunny in wonderland: pretty photography and a very supportive girl!
  8. copperoranges from copper oranges: i realise i dont know your name, but its been so fun the past few months. thanks for sharing so much of your life on your blog, its like a journal!
 check out these blogs by clicking on the sidebar ----->
their blog names have been bolded as above. :)

3) the fabulous award.
in other good news, 
my tickets to LA have been booked! i will be there from 21 may to 17 june...with 2 trips to SF in between. i'll be staying in the beverly hills area (just opposite rodeo to be specific!!!!!) so if you have recommendations, meetups, etc. it would be really good to hear from you! dearest mavi's already given me a truckload of tips. thanks babe.


Stella said...

Congrats for the award!!
and Louboutin!! Love them!!!

thanks for the comment!!


stellawantstodie said...

the last comment was me, from another account!



Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

you're so sweet hon :) thanks for the award. and i'd love a pair of loubs someday, maybe a black pair when i get a job? can't wait for that day!! :)


Ziling said...

I would love to own a Louboutin too!! Well, that is when i've saved enough money! and, you totally deserved the awards! Congrats :)

Well honestly, i've not seen east coast like that before and im really stoked to see how the pictures turned out haha. I guess it's the place we sat down, the view was really beautiful..

Have fun over at LA btw! Are you going there for work or fun? Ah i would love to visit there someday!! :)

Cathy Voyage said...

Thank you so much for the award!
Owning a real Louboutin is such an exciting thing!

Ashford said...

beautiful shoes! i LOVE orange. so daring and bold.

Hanako66 said...

congratulations on the awards and the loubs!

♥ fashion chalet said...

Orange heels would be the perfect Summer-Spring pop, love it! :]

and thank you for the compliments, dear. xx

Ruta said...

i really would love to see those shoes in orange. they are gorgeous. absolute beautiful things.


Devonbella said...

those shoes are fantastic, love your blog!

sarah said...

MUST get one of those astro cuffs below, thanks for posting that!

Victoria C said...

mm lovely loubs, i like the black and the orange. have fun in LA!

The Stiletto Effect said...

wow fabulous lous... I gotta see the photos :)
Lucky girl :)

copperoranges said...

ooooh one of my pals went to paris over spring break and acquired her first pair of louboutins! i'm so jealous!

thank you for the award!

Nicole Then said...

wow cool LA! haha, hope u have agood time. unfortunately i have no tips to offer, i'm clueless too!

yiqin; said...

One day, I will def own a pair of louboutins~

mat said...

the skirt i bought :) oooh louboutins. orange is a great color. too bold for me though!

Kira Fashion said...

oh my! Thanks so much for the award! I am so honored!!! You are the most sweet girl!

"a kiss and a hug"!!! ;)


tis serendipity said...

Heyy!! =DD Ahhh gosh it's been so long since I've commented on your blog sorry >< been pretty busy with school. Finals coming up and I've been so crabby. AGhh. Anyway congrats on the award! =DD And thanks so much for it too... Will definitely get to posting about it soon hehe (though I might take a while).

Yeahh Italian sounds great for when we meet up! =) Prob sometime mid may ya? My last paper's on the 15th. So fun you're going to SF and LA and staying in THE bev. hills?!?! Whoo! are you going with friends? Goshhh super envious!! XD You HAVe to take loads of photos. I've never been there before so not too sure where'd be good to go. But I can ask my friend who studies at Berkeley and goes to SF quite a bit...