Apr 12, 2009

green + ruffles + the maiden louboutin shots

on this particular easter sunday morning, i was running late-- the slapdash resulted in an unexpected combination. i suppose when we think less, our subconscious steps in to take charge. also, HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!
random ruffle blouse, haberdasher skirt, balenciaga cherche midi bag, necklace from mom, christian louboutin patent orange miminettes, own scowl.
a close up of the necklace...an ancillary benefit of my mom being away is that i can peruse her wardrobe as i wish! the jewelry was the last addition to the outfit, and although i don't usually wear much jewelry, i decided to let this speak for itself on a monochrome outfit.
PLUS: bonus that it matched my bag.
it's quite ornate, and very pretty in my opinion, with speckled jade beads, glass beads, and burnished metallic pieces.
then i realised that valentino did ruffles for his last couture collection, and as always, seeing a parallel makes me feel much comforted, in that i'm channelling more haute than hobo.
the shape of the ruffles is truly similar-- everything gathered at the centre, with a framing of the decolletage. obviously the high collar in the runway version would be too dramatic for real life/practical wear...but i'm still chuffed that i have a piece like this!
and FINALLY!!!!!!
some (again, low-res) virgin pictures of the loubs... i'm glad the shangri-la hotel floors were carpeted, so all the abuse my shoes endured was from the carpark --> ballroom.
you can barely see the red soles, but i thought the orange gave the perfect amount of pizzaz to the outfit...
i think i really do surprise myself when i'm sleepy. haven't been this pleased with spontaneity in a while. orange + green doesnt always equal carrots.


♥ Fashion CHALET said...

Great interpretation, so classy and chic! :)

Happy weekend and Holidays! xo!


yiqin; said...

Your top is FAB@ So are your shoes!

CultureCynic said...

this is lovely

*** said...

I love the color of those shoes!

Indie.Tea said...

Great outfit, very elegant but chic and unique at the same time. Hope you had a good day...

G said...

First of all, thanks for the visit :)

Now about you, i love your shoes!! and i can see you like fuffles too :)


Lily said...

Hey! Thanks for the comment :) Love the outfit. The ruffles are gorgeous and those shoes are to die for!



Ruta said...
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Ruta said...

i love the shoes and hte shirt is so hot.

janettaylor said...

This is a perfect combo. I love all of them, esp. ruffle shirt and the bag.

Happy Easter to U too darling!

xoxo: Janet

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

so chic!! you look gorgeous and i'm drooling all over your loubs! ;)

Manja said...

Ooooh...I really like those ruffles!

Valentine said...

always sophisticated and chic! i really am lovin your style, A! (I shall call you that from now on, if you dont mind) ;-)

I agree with your comments on the photos on my blog. It is indeed quite voyeuristic-- which adds to the air of mystery in the photos, no? :-)



Cathy Voyage said...

The ruffles are great and the shoes are to die for!

fabulous everything said...

ruffles and loubs!!!!!!! I love orange...

Ashford said...

own scowl...ha! I think the best way to get dressed is to not think about it. My best outfits happen when I just start pulling things.
and orange! I love orange!

++ that valentino is heaven.

She's Dressing Up said...

Love the blouse, and the necklace is stunning!

copperoranges said...

i love your ruffle blouse! AND the louboutins! ahhh i would feel so cool just struttin along with those red soles!

Kira Fashion said...

oh my!
You look fantastic! Have some Loubs is a huge dream for me! Maybe next year :)

You are amazing!

Nice choice!

The Clothes Horse said...

The ruffles on your blouse are very pretty.

Delmy said...

Very classy. Im in search of a black long skirt.

♥ Marta ♥ said...

Amazing outfit and the shoes are fabulous :)

Ellie said...

Love the ruffles! And the shoes. I've been seeing a lot of orange lately and actually liking it.

surimay said...

the ruffle blouse is gorgeous. very feminine and pretty :)
i wish i could wear heels without crying in pain.. :/ they're really nice shoes though. like the colour!

stellawantstodie said...

great interpretation!! the blouse is fantastic! very similar !!

and this necklace! i lovin´it!!

Youre right, we should trade links!! Im going to add u to my list!


Victoria C said...

I love the shoes! Are they comfortable? The ruffled top is also gorgeous - a very wearable version of the Valentino xo

michelle said...

woman! pls smile!!

anw, simple is great. j'adore

and yeah exams suck