Apr 17, 2009

barrymore's best week

//EDIT: thanks all for your love and support so far... the exams are coming up in less than a fortnight and predictably i am a shambles. will be on hiatus pretty much until the end of the month. see you may!!! in the meantime, check out the blogs in the sidebar, or email me/comment if you have anything interesting! :)

from her appearance on letterman in a wonderfully fitted, ruched, 80s puffed-sleeve giambattista valli dress, (this shot TRULY reminds me of something from the reels of SATC--there's something very carrie bradshaw about the theatricality of this photo!)
to her most recent premiere outing in a goddess-like flowy embellished andrew gn, it seems that drew barrymore has hit the fashion jackpot. each look is unique, memorable and dramatic!
side note on mr gn: 
established in 1996, ANDREW GN's opulent designs boast luxurious fabrics and exquisite handiwork more readily associated with haute couture. The Singapore-born (YAY GO LOCAL!!!!) Paris-based designer develops his embroideries in-house and creates his own buttons and embellishments. Artisanal details in the form of bows, mink trim, and beading keep the royals and socials coming back for more. stocked at nordstrom, bergdorf's, neiman marcus, with a standalone store in paris, which also boasts an atelier. naturally, paris is also his FASHION WEEK city of choice in which to show. :)

the one dress that's been getting everyone in a tizzy is this lovely nude chiffon alberta ferretti gown, which was styled in a lovely 20s fashion, along with her signature RED LIPS and a retro-looking face netting in the same nude shade. 

arm candy? one justin long, if reports are to be believed. either way, to pull off 3 stunning outfits in a week, and all with such panache--i had to be counterintuitive and give a celebrity, for once, more press than they already drown in. 
in the spirit of the film's release, WWWD has come up with an excellent selection of old-skool ladylike styles of that era for you to channel drew onscreen.
PS: have also added the EARTHTWEET badge and link so that you can tweet away in support of the environmental movement! :) it's dead easy. 
also, the "VOGUE" photo from i-d magazine now functions as a direct link to the online read. :)


Jd said...

she does look lovely

♥ fashion chalet said...

thank you<3
what's HoH reference? lol, sorry so lost....

thanks again xo


janettaylor said...

She looks beautiful. :)
Oooooh, that Milly yellow blouse is really perfect!

Thanks Ur lovely comment!

♥ fashion chalet said...

Ooooh right.. House of Holland.. silly me.. :)

Thanks again, my dear<3


Indie.Tea said...

She looks very "adult", sophisticated but with her own distinct style, and very confident.
Miette is wonderful, I go at least once a week!

Austere said...

Oh, I really like the black dress.

yiqin; said...

I have always adored her :) Btw, linked you!

Enep said...

she's so much gorgeous ;--)


Cathy Voyage said...

I like every single outfit, especially the white dress!

The Stiletto Effect said...

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surimay said...

kya! i love love love drew barrymore! i saw 'he's just not that into you' and she was so cute. haha. hmmm really like that nude chiffon gown there.

anyway, YES! let us exchange links! :D hmm you're right. have no idea why we didn't just do that ages ago. haha. adding you now!

alissa said...

youre so right on these! she looked amazing - especially the first and last one. so gorgeous!

The Clothes Horse said...

I do like her. She can get it so wrong, but when she gets it right, Barrymore knocks it out of the park!

Pop Champagne said...

I love Drew Berrymore!

Mimi said...

So on board, she looked so fabulous!

P. S. Sex and the City movie was good, but I love the show more for some reason.. Wonder what the sequel will be like? Hmm


Valentine said...

that photo just proves it.. when you look good and you know it.. it just shows.. drew is glowing!!! :-)

ill be missin ya! see you soon!

be back or else! <--lol.



stellawantstodie said...

I love the second one drew´s look! like a greek godness!!
she´s fantastic!

Hanako66 said...

I love all of these!

Ashford said...

agreed. drew has been on fire lately. I love the first shot in the black dress. dramatic and gorgeous. + I really want to see the new Grey Gardens!

Sonia said...

not a film -Grey Gardens is the musical remake of the legendary documentary of the two Edies, and she's playing Little Edie in the new Broadway musical. so clearly this week's outfits reflected Edie's retro-outrageous-chic styles!