Apr 29, 2009


ok i have had to enable comment moderation due to some unpleasantries...
its nothing that hasn't been said before nor that i can't handle, but the fashion blogging community is an amazing one to be part of and i will honor that. (most bloggers enable moderation anyway, so this is really just to let you al know.) 

and if YOU (and all the other Yous) really wanted to say something, hiding behind the veil of anonymity is really counterintuitive to having your opinion heard. either that or you need to grow some balls. fo shiz.

pardon my french, everyone else who's been nothing short of lovely!
i've been living in sweats, tees and shorts, so even if i wanted to, i've got nothing for ya lol.
 happy summer times ahead, xx

Apr 19, 2009

lazy sunday in stuarts

ps: V: shoutout! i'm back alot sooner than you expected. guffaws ensue. ;) cheers babe!
today i met my a bunch of friends for high-tea at the shangri-la hotel's rose verandah... except that there were no roses in sight. anyway, i decided to go casual for this event; it was my friend ming's birthday, and she flew back from the UK specially to celebrate with friends and family over her easter break.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MING!!! many happy returns! :)
izzue metallic silver woolen knit top, levi's cuffed 534s, accessorize multi necklace, stuart weitzman jet mirror altos.

i first discovered the brand izzue on a trip to hongkong with my mom. a fashion editor friend of my mom recommended that we take a look at the multibrand boutique I.T. from HK (much like singapore's club21 or LA's kitson), stocks hip labels like fcuk and a bathing ape.

izzue is one of the homegrown (i.e. HK) designer labels it carries, along with other up-and-coming lines like 5CM and B+ab. however, i find most of thoses brands too cutesy and very typically hongkonger and not to my taste-- lots of layers, clashing prints, voluminous tops and ruched jersey pants.
izzue was unlike all of that.
established in 1999, its design aesthetic is one of simplicity and clean lines, with many of their collections styled after european labels, and colors kept solid and limited. i bought 2 items from their collection: this amazing silver knit top and a white dress.
izzue's clothes are made in very limited quantities (YAY), which means better workmanship. i think this picture shows it more clearly--the stitching is impeccable and you can see the iridescence of the metallic thread that's interwoven in the material.
but whatever!
its comfy, versatile, simple. just the way i like it. i have NEVER spent such amounts on a new label unknown to me before, but izzue really made me a convert. the label has done well enough to get a standalone boutique in the larger malls, in addition to being stocked within I.T. itself. even the boutiques are painted all black with utilitarian silver bars on which the clothes are sparsely hung. i love its basic aesthetic.
the maiden shots (again, photobooth does NO JUSTICE) of my stuarts. got them on sale (whoopee!!!) and i was really drawn to them because they reminded me SO MUCH of the jil sander platforms (which are mad-vertiginous and mad-pricey) as well as the less-famous costume national heels...
in particular, the "V" shape kinda shows off your feet a wee bit more. a power shoe if i ever saw one. i cant wait to wear them in a courtroom! hopefully!
closeup! its called the jet mirror for obvious reasons...the heel and the platform are accented with a shiny surface, just so you can smile smugly to yourself while standing tall. hehe.
double-sided loewe leather tote.
sorry for the shitty photoshop...but what's new? you should know my incompetence by now.
one side with the logo, the other with the label spelled out. this was actually from the same HK trip that i took with my mom... we walked into the peninsula hotel shopping gallery one morning and VOILA. s-a-l-e. i cannot wait for barney's in LA for more discounts.

but i've always maintained that there's a difference between the COST of something and the WORTH of something. and i think you'll be hard-pressed to disagree with something like that.

see you all in may!!!!

Apr 17, 2009

barrymore's best week

//EDIT: thanks all for your love and support so far... the exams are coming up in less than a fortnight and predictably i am a shambles. will be on hiatus pretty much until the end of the month. see you may!!! in the meantime, check out the blogs in the sidebar, or email me/comment if you have anything interesting! :)

from her appearance on letterman in a wonderfully fitted, ruched, 80s puffed-sleeve giambattista valli dress, (this shot TRULY reminds me of something from the reels of SATC--there's something very carrie bradshaw about the theatricality of this photo!)
to her most recent premiere outing in a goddess-like flowy embellished andrew gn, it seems that drew barrymore has hit the fashion jackpot. each look is unique, memorable and dramatic!
side note on mr gn: 
established in 1996, ANDREW GN's opulent designs boast luxurious fabrics and exquisite handiwork more readily associated with haute couture. The Singapore-born (YAY GO LOCAL!!!!) Paris-based designer develops his embroideries in-house and creates his own buttons and embellishments. Artisanal details in the form of bows, mink trim, and beading keep the royals and socials coming back for more. stocked at nordstrom, bergdorf's, neiman marcus, with a standalone store in paris, which also boasts an atelier. naturally, paris is also his FASHION WEEK city of choice in which to show. :)

the one dress that's been getting everyone in a tizzy is this lovely nude chiffon alberta ferretti gown, which was styled in a lovely 20s fashion, along with her signature RED LIPS and a retro-looking face netting in the same nude shade. 

arm candy? one justin long, if reports are to be believed. either way, to pull off 3 stunning outfits in a week, and all with such panache--i had to be counterintuitive and give a celebrity, for once, more press than they already drown in. 
in the spirit of the film's release, WWWD has come up with an excellent selection of old-skool ladylike styles of that era for you to channel drew onscreen.
PS: have also added the EARTHTWEET badge and link so that you can tweet away in support of the environmental movement! :) it's dead easy. 
also, the "VOGUE" photo from i-d magazine now functions as a direct link to the online read. :)

Apr 15, 2009

cheap or chic: how to spot fakes

It's commonly said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery...
Recently, the issue of counterfeit luxury goods hit home once again, when i came across a website hawking fake balenciaga bags for a ridiculous price of around $20 (see above...you can TELL that its PVC and not luxuriously soft cracked goat leather, but still...some people are none the wiser!) Naturally, being the rabid fan that i am, i decided to talk about this neglected topic again.
Hardly anyone is unaware of this plague of counterfeiting...and the demand exists solely because the real deal costs That Much More. In an almost-poetic twist of irony, it is that very unattainability due to high prices that has caused both the flourishing of the real luxury trade, as well as its sinister black market cousin which preys on that same desire to own such a coveted item. 
Street stalls are aplenty in many major cities around the world, especially fashion centres like NYC, where savvy vendors hawk their admittedly-competent-looking goods at prices simply laughable when compared to the multiple that would be the real price tag. In fact, certain streets in New York and Washington DC, for example, are well-known as places a wannabe fashionista can go for a Kate Spade purse that might only cost $20 instead of the hundreds of dollars the genuine article would fetch.
But what's the true distinction between the real deal and a knockoff? Surely that premium pays for more than just advertising and shop space? Fans of fakes swear that there isn't a discernable difference between the 2. Such assertions do not amuse Maison Goyard, the 144-year-old Parisian luggage maker that prides itself on pedigree. “Goyard is fully committed to its brand protection,” said Charlotte Letard, a company spokeswoman. She added that the company is addressing the issue of street vendors through targeted civil seizure orders, and is working closely with Customs to seize counterfeit merchandise.

Now that i've made my case for WHY its Fendi over Fake, here's HOW you make sure you don't get scammed. Here are some tips for spotting fakes:
  1. LOCATION: These are LUXURY RETAILERS; they have shop space they pay good money for, so if you're haggling on the street while people walk by and taxis honk, it's pretty damn shady.
  2. PRICE: $$$Price$$$ is a major factor when buying a bag. If the price seems just too good to be true, well that is because it is. It's a flipping fake man! Walk away. 
  3. INSURANCE: Real bags come with tags, warranties, serial numbers, and lots of other details like a pretty box, a dust bag and the GUARANTEE that the store you bought it from, unlike a street stand, will still be there if you need your bag cared for, or cleaned, or replaced. It's like buying insurance.
  4. MATERIAL/QUALITY: Luxury retailers pride themselves on quality and craftsmanship... many items are individually made and hence are charged with a premium. But at least you can guarantee that it's made of leather, real metal, and fine stitching, instead of poorly-cut canvas and PVC. 
  5. Look out for the small details..cos they make all the difference. For instance, balenciaga lariat bags ALL have an individualised serial number stamped on the inner leather tag. LV bags never have the logo cut off, regardless of the size or shape of the monogrammed bag. All brands take pains with their inner lining of their bags. Loewe, LV and Hermes bags with locks and keys are all fully functional.
  6. YOUR CONSCIENCE: it's all or nothing when it comes to fashion. Don't make a mockery of the industry by supporting the copycats that make money off of your fleeting desires. the shelf life of these fakes, unlike the genuine article, will be similarly transient. 
I must clarify that i'm not being a fashion snob here-- ANY industry built on piracy (Dvds, bags, even medication) will eventually be run to the ground because of inferior quality control and the necessary legal checks in place. There's no guarantee for any of those goods, despite the cheaper price. If you can't afford it/think the price is too much, just support other local/smaller designers who are putting out handstitched, quality goods for a cheaper price but with no less quality. After all, fakes are stil factory goods.

Apr 12, 2009

green + ruffles + the maiden louboutin shots

on this particular easter sunday morning, i was running late-- the slapdash resulted in an unexpected combination. i suppose when we think less, our subconscious steps in to take charge. also, HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!
random ruffle blouse, haberdasher skirt, balenciaga cherche midi bag, necklace from mom, christian louboutin patent orange miminettes, own scowl.
a close up of the necklace...an ancillary benefit of my mom being away is that i can peruse her wardrobe as i wish! the jewelry was the last addition to the outfit, and although i don't usually wear much jewelry, i decided to let this speak for itself on a monochrome outfit.
PLUS: bonus that it matched my bag.
it's quite ornate, and very pretty in my opinion, with speckled jade beads, glass beads, and burnished metallic pieces.
then i realised that valentino did ruffles for his last couture collection, and as always, seeing a parallel makes me feel much comforted, in that i'm channelling more haute than hobo.
the shape of the ruffles is truly similar-- everything gathered at the centre, with a framing of the decolletage. obviously the high collar in the runway version would be too dramatic for real life/practical wear...but i'm still chuffed that i have a piece like this!
and FINALLY!!!!!!
some (again, low-res) virgin pictures of the loubs... i'm glad the shangri-la hotel floors were carpeted, so all the abuse my shoes endured was from the carpark --> ballroom.
you can barely see the red soles, but i thought the orange gave the perfect amount of pizzaz to the outfit...
i think i really do surprise myself when i'm sleepy. haven't been this pleased with spontaneity in a while. orange + green doesnt always equal carrots.

Apr 6, 2009

light/dark: Amica mag

in this spread shot by anja frers for AMICA magazine, the interplay of black/white, light/dark, solid/ethereal just makes this an absolutely enchanting editorial. it features models asha and jessika lewis in gorgeously girly ensembles of pretty white blouses, flowy skirts and slinky gowns. 

i love how the shadows cast enhance the feel of the photos, although it can sometimes be counterintuitive to have anything other than clothes on a spartanly pristine background. 

Apr 5, 2009

turquoise ruffles

today i went to the theatre! 
it was wonderful watching oscar wilde's the importance of being earnest. it had an unusual all-male ensemble, which put the focus on the witty wordplay that is wilde's literary interface of choice, and exemplified the shallowness and superficiality of the society he so sought to satirize. 

and in the words of one andy warhol...
speaking of which, i also visited the kenneth tyler exhibition of prints from some of my favorite artists including david hockney and jasper johns!!! it was amazing. but i digress.
 i suppose my high collar was a subconscious mimicry of the victorian era it was set in...HAHA.
close up of the blouse! this is its maiden trip out of the shopping bag after MONTHS... its satin with a chiffon overlay and has a keyhole adorned with ruffles and 3 cute buttons! its zippered at the back. but what i really like is its turquoise color! soft azure that isn't jarring on the eyes. 
and my green/cream/grey/metal bag kinda matched the turquoise/grey ensemble i was wearing...which i thought was quite nice. sometimes you never know when a bag's color might come in handy! and how it looks like without horrid photo booth...
my patience is wearing thin... thank you for enduring this deluge!
nanette lepore ruffled keyhole blouse, wanko grey pencil skirt, balenciaga cherche midi bag, pedder red gunmetal pumps, stainless steel bangle from hongkong. 

Apr 3, 2009

hello dolly!: the loub edition

dearest friends, readers, fellow bloggers...
the big acquisition i recently blogged about is ready for reveal! i have not been able to wait any longer to share this exciting piece of news with everyone. however, due to my camera woes, i only have pictures culled from online for you. 
i promise that 3 weeks from now there will be so many high-res pictures your browsers won't load. thank you for your enduring patience and generosity with Life In Technicolor!
the first pair of loubs: the miminette 70mm in patent orange, size 37 (just in case anyone feels particularly generous. runs true to size, but of course!)
yes, please pardon my POOR POOR photoshop skills-- all i could do was:
 magic wand--> selection --> fill --> color (orange). 
but you get the point...this is an epic moment in any fashion blogger's life. in fact, any girl's life. no one has yet to lay eyes on them and i admit i have been too apprehensive to even wear them outside the confines of my bedroom.
until i get over this, (and until i get my camera back)...this will have to do.
next thing:

thanks to my dearest fellow blogger ashford for being such a wonderful source of ideas and support in the past few months! i would give all these awards back to you if i could! :) xx
1) the lemonade award

2) the proximity award:

This blog invests and believes in PROXIMITY - nearness in space, time and relationships. These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. Check out these writers--they may very well become your friends, like what happened to me! :)
The rules are: This blog award should be sent to your favorite eight bloggers and they, in turn should forward to eight of their favorites.  I am tagging the following because not only do I love their blogs, but I consider myself lucky for meeting them: 

  1. V from the valentine journals: thank you for sharing so much with me--experiences, tips, a bit of who you are. :)
  2. mavi from maverick malone: we've become such fast friends, too bad about SF! but thanks!
  3. lynnette from tis serendipity: its indeed serendipity that we meet ONLINE years after being friends in real life! see u soon...
  4. kira from kira fashion: lovely to talk to you and you always have so much love for everyone haha. a kiss and a hug!
  5. tina from luphia loves: i always call you luphia cos its easier haha but love your blog and i'm glad we got along so quick.
  6. cathy voyage from almost stylish: full of color and always ready to tell you how nice you look! thanks cathy
  7. honeybunny from honey bunny in wonderland: pretty photography and a very supportive girl!
  8. copperoranges from copper oranges: i realise i dont know your name, but its been so fun the past few months. thanks for sharing so much of your life on your blog, its like a journal!
 check out these blogs by clicking on the sidebar ----->
their blog names have been bolded as above. :)

3) the fabulous award.
in other good news, 
my tickets to LA have been booked! i will be there from 21 may to 17 june...with 2 trips to SF in between. i'll be staying in the beverly hills area (just opposite rodeo to be specific!!!!!) so if you have recommendations, meetups, etc. it would be really good to hear from you! dearest mavi's already given me a truckload of tips. thanks babe.

Apr 1, 2009

chuffed about cuffs

jessica kagan cushman resin and crystal astro cuffs!!!
these are too cute--buy your own star sign and wear it proudly. its soooo hip and chic and witty, the last of which is something i think fashion should aim to be.
if you wanna make a statement, make it worth stating. available at barney's i think.
graphic stripe top from hongkong, levi's jeans, pedder red heels (for both pairs)

somehow the tropics have made this a very practical outfit choice, given the unpredictable sun and rain. i've really been feeling this silhouette recently, and as you can see i'm back to boring black and white...unless denim counts as blue!

celebrity validation: katie holmes, SJP, rachel bilson. classic SJP to cuff only one pant leg huh. 
i think the beauty of this look is manifold:
  • it serves duty in ALL types of weather: hot--less coverage (minimally), rainy--dry hems!
  • you get to show off your nice shoes which sometimes, jeans tend to cover up. genius!
a killer-awesome pair of purple satin peeptoe wooden platforms, which would otherwise look tacky with a skirt, or get swallowed up by pant legs. will post higher-res pictures in april when my mom gets back! she's now in toronto after seeing some of the east coast.
so, final HOW-TO TIPS:
  1. its ALL ABOUT LENGTH: make sure your newly-cuffed hem ends just above your ankle, because that's the most flattering length for your pant silhouette. 
  2. GET KILLA SHOES: or else your look may become sloppy--see miz holmes, as above. heels will further lengthen your legs (trust me on this, i'm not the tallest person around)
  3. GO FITTED: wear them with a fitted rather than loose top, or else the added volume will overwhelm the bottom half of your outfit, which is clearly the focal point.
other than that, its all up to you! :)