Mar 3, 2009

sheer blazer

nicolas andreas taralis sheer blazer
the ex-dior homme director, now with cerruti, is known for avant garde clothing with superior construction. in other words, everything that's hot right now. i've seen sooo much sheer and its hard to make sense of the whole trend, that's how haphazard many designers have been, in my opinion. but a blazer seems to be a good way to carry this off!
nice organza-esque fabric...still sticking to his clean-cut modernist vibe that's so haute these days with the fash-crowd. i hope delmy sees this cos she's really into the whole blazer thing right now. SHOUTOUT, DELMY!
of course, i rummaged in my closet and found a suitable equivalent to carry me through the next few seasons AT LEAST:
blazer back
calvin klein sheer blazer. 
this was from ss07 i believe! forgive me...that was purchased way back when my interest didn't extend as far beyond my wallet to my brain as it does now. the best part about the lovely cream color is that it matches everything, and shows off any detail you might have on your inner top! i'm sure you can see the tank i'm wearing underneath...
i have no other photos at the moment but i will post more up soon. 
blazer buttons
close up of the buttons...what i appreciate about francisco costa is his simplicity and detailed workmanship. in a blazer, there are a few tell-tale signs, from the sleeve buttons to the underside of the lapels...but a proper post on that in due time!
and one last sheer-y non-christopher kane picture: malo ss09.
very pretty layered sheer stuff. much less precise than the kane stuff, and i actually like the relaxed vibe, although the only way i would get my hands on something like that would really be to DIY. i havent dont any such projects because i'm a domestic turd, and really would be ruining good fabric.
thou one might say that my contribution to the textile industry would be worth alot more, in such downtrodden times.


The Stylish Wanderer said...


Ziling said...

I love them. Both the blazer and dresses. They are so.. brilliant. I was just about to search for a sheer blazer and then i saw them on your journal! Thank you for that! Haha :)

Jasmina said...

I love the idea of a sheer blazer, I bet that thing looks totally hot in the summer :>>>>

copperoranges said...

that is so cool you had a sheer blazer hanging in your closet already! brilliant!

She's Dressing Up said...

Love your white sheer!

ANDY said...

Oh god! that blazer is amazing!!!!!


tis serendipity said...

Woah that's a cool shear CK blazer! =D I wanna see what it looks like from the front! I'm totally looking for some nice light blazers to wear here but I haven't really come across any that aren't grossly expensive/too large...

I love the christopher kane outfits. Now shredded/half-torn pieces seem to be gaining popularity. Done tastefully they are really great though. Haha I'm such a domestic turd too! But I hope to get my hands on some DIY stuff during the summer hols.

Delmy said...

HEY I do like it! Thanks for the shout out!

Andy said...

This is freaking cool!
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