Mar 19, 2009

pleats again

i've hereby committed the cardinal sin of re-posting, Just Because. 
ok well i do have a reason and that's essentially that i don't have any new outfits photos and am thus digging into a pathetic 3 months of archives to do this. but hey! in the fashion world a few months is an eternity. 
calvin klein pleated top, nuroots wideleg pants, nine west satin heels, balenciaga cherche midi bag, tiffany & co heart tag bracelet.

loeffler randall's ss09 lookbook is out, and it is FULL of pleats. and ruffles. and satin. and anything that's, really, kinda spring-esque Romantique. of course, that's NOT my style. but it doesnt mean i dont appreciate the beautiful workmanship!

so this outfit was just my way of incorporating pleats. 
close-up of the top
the pleating was as intricate as i managed to find; the shoulder pleats are chiffon instead of the same vicose/cotton material for the rest of it. also, the skinny pleat down the bias of the top has got a skinny strip of velvet in the centre of the whole thing, like a luxe little spine to give it some backbone (haha).

and this is the other side. not a very flattering photo, but just to show how the material has been manipulated. 

and again.


Valentine said...

OOOOh.. I love that top! Totally eyecatching and its in black too which makes it all the more amazing. :-) I dont really care much about reposts-- I mean fashion repeats itself every few decades or so.. so why cant people do outfit reposts? hehe. Gawd. I hate cough medicine.. its starting to seep into my brain.


Ive been thinking about the black and white thing too.. and how it could be the culprit as to why Im feeling ever sooo down these days.. but then again.. I still blame it all on ze flu.

take care love!



Cathy Voyage said...

Wow, the top is georgeous!

♥ fashion chalet said...

Your comment really inspired me to smile today (feeling under the weather and all!) thank you, dear!! =]


Zoë said...

wow, im in love with that loeffler randall white pleated top. AMAZING!
this has now inspired me to go out and look for pleats!
love your outfit too, the detailing is just gorgeous.


Emmy said...

the white loeffer randall top is BEAUTFUL! love how you've incorporated it into your outfit!!

stellawantstodie said...

ohh!! balenciaga bag, !! love it!!

I really love this brand!!!!

thanks for your coment, soon more looks with my new sneakers!

* Fashion Dreamer * said...

You are totally allowed to repost this, the pleats are amazing!! I love wandering past the Issey Miyake Pleasts Please store, the stuff in the window always amazes me

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

what a lovely outfit, gorgeous bag & top! :)

yiqin; said...

Pleats are so stylish to wear :)

Ashford said...

pleats are definitely good.