Mar 16, 2009

oh Capri, how i love thee- Appelrath Cüpper mag

now that the month of fall/winter shows has concluded, its sunnier days ahead, especially if you're one half of a gorgeous couple living it up on the sandy beaches, ragged cliffs and crystalline shores of Capri.
"Islands in the Sun" was shot on location (Clearly!) by oscar falk for appelrath cüpper magazine, featuring models fabiana semprebom and nicholas malville.
enjoy, bitches! :) it is too gorgeous.
i like how nothing's overplayed in this shot--neither the models nor the landscape overpowers the other. what excellent balance in an off-centre shot! the way the sun hits her face is just... 
i particularly love this shot-- its actually very ralph lauren/tommy hilfiger, except that the sheer European-ness of the scenary gives it away. the azure water with the rocky outcrops that frame the couple...gorgeous! and i LOVE their matchy moccassins. 
and the beach shot--it's so effortless my heart almost hurts inside my chest.
really makes you wanna leave on a jet plane, not knowing when you'll be back again...
of course the happy news is that SPRING SUMMER season is well underway, so hope this editorial gives everyone enough motivation to bust out the color and embrace sunnier days!
in other news:
1. my mum's off to florida, D.C., NY and toronto for 6 weeks... i wish we had the same taste so she could buy anything and i'd be an ancillary beneficiary? but nope. i'm not sure about everyone else, but i speak for myself when i say my mum and i are very individual about fashion.
2. i'm so sorry i've not been updating everyday/every 2 days like i should and prefer...but being a law student doesnt permit such flights of fashion fancy. i am in the process of procuring my brother's camera to take more outfit pictures! 
3. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU everyone for sharing your lovely thoughts on all the fashion weeks! i had a great time reading your thoughts and of course commenting on your blogs about your picks too. what i love most about having a fashion-centric blog is all the lovely people you meet and share your ideas with, and how supportive everyone is of each other. have a great season ahead!


Delmy said...

Lovely pictures. Love the plum dress!

Cathy Voyage said...

The pics are georgeous!

Nadja said...

I like it

Ziling said...

Gorgeous pictures!

I guess being a law student isn't that easy. I hope you'll be able to find some time for yourself soon! :)