Mar 6, 2009


for me, etro was really a HUGE standout--a coherent, inspired collection that wasn't afraid to do its own thing, but didn't alienate its audience nor compromise on its wearability. (one calls to mind the missoni beautiful disaster, for one...)

known for bold color and print and luxurious silks, etro never veered off course, all the while collecting inspiration from the richly opulent byzantium era of the turks. and it SHOWS.
feathers, silk, anything gilded, paillettes, metallics, fringe, sequins, the list goes on...just as turkey straddles 2 continents, so ably does this collection meld a global gamut of influences on its clothing without once seeming incoherent or schizophrenic. even more admirably, there's never a sense of "too much" despite all the embellishment!
of course a requisite maxi dress is always in order, and this time a few were sent down the runway, thou none as amazingly boho-modernist tribal chic as this one...LOVING the choker!
 lots of bold secondary colors too, for that bohemian edge. SO etro, yet so fresh.
more fringey collars and of course may i please comment on the lovely footwear:
it is still strong and sexy, but makes an effort to move away from the black-dominatrix bondage vibe that's been soooooooo done thanks to givenchy, ann d, kirkwood x anyone, etc. the whole tribal thing may have been slightly co-opted from marc jacobs' previous lv  outing (spread-eagled madonna, anyone?), i think this is original enough to stand on its own.
on the topic of footwear:
i totally co-opted this from jak and jil because i couldn't help it! yes the dominatrix has been done to death, but i am helplessly in LOVE with anything kirkwood, i swear he can do no wrong, and these shoes seriously bring the bondage theme to a Whole New Level, with all that hardware. pretty amazing.
rodarte's been getting some amazing shoe collabs! from those studded gladiators to the MAD MAD MAD ss09 thigh boots to these. when i go to barneys i have to check out all the shoes i can get my little paws on. 
in other much less important news, i have a trial advocacy thing tomorrow morning. i'm defence counsel...i'm glad i got the side of the law i always saw myself on.

ps: am still replying comments, thanks!


Valentine said...

I liked the colors at Etro too and I would love to own one of those skirts in that gorgeous print. :-)

But let's get to those Kirkwood's!!!!!!! OMFG indeed. Those are just uhmazing. Seriously. I love the strapiness and totally badass heel. Its a beauty! ;-)

oh and thanks for telling me about Baylene-- I havent gotten around to checking out the video but I will after this comment. :-)



Cathy Voyage said...

The long dress with the necklace looks stunning!

stellawantstodie said...

nice colection!

love the first skirt!


thnaks for your comment!

STARR said...

I love the looks on Mariacarla!

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

love all the gorgeous colours! great collection

Ziling said...

I love the collection! Wow the colours.. its just awesome.

Jasmina said...

love love love the bright rich colors! and those shoes, omg I could kill with those :>>>>>

ed said...







Demi said...

thanks for your lovely comment, honey :)

and gorgeous collection!


Mimi said...

Thanks for commenting, really like your blog!

Hope to keep in touch!


She's Dressing Up said...

Jak & Jill has some of the best shoe-porn around and this pair is yum yum yum! Amazing.
I love the Etro collection, though I'm not a very printy person myself - maybe that will change?!

yiqin; said...

I really really like the shoes!!!

Kira Fashion said...

I love those shoes and about Cavalli, this collection is perfect!

copperoranges said...

that fuchsia top is divine! the prints are so brilliant as well... and i love the white shoe contrasted with the black opaque tights.