Mar 5, 2009

how to be a rock chick, cavalli style!

just cavalli 
and the inimitable roberto cavalli does it again, scoring an undeniably strong sexy vision of the modern rock chick--she's an upgraded updated version of greasy trashy edginess. 
embellishment ruled the day--more studs, zips and fur than you can say hot glue gun plus cruella de vil...
streamlined and sexy with lots of black, this look will win groupies hot for its style.
ben-amun by isaac manevitz

this haute jewelry brand was created by the son of a jeweler for the Egyptian royal family; talk about pedigree! Isaac has been known for his innovative use of unusual material to create his very distinctive designs...
lace and black seem rather witchy to me, but there's no hint of bubbling toil and trouble here! they're gothic in an extremely girly and pretty way, and i don't think this would be at odds with cavalli's newfangled modern rock chick. 
 i barely have any heavy-duty clothes, so i'm not sure how i'll get studded. terrible at anything DIY, too. at least i have the summer to get over this before fall 09 hits. cheers!


The Clothes Horse said...

I LOVE that first outfit. This collection rocks.

John said...

oh yes, haha, i revisit his works regularly, and at the most random of times one of his phrases will just pop up in my head to perfectly encompass the moment, and yes I love the bugger and his twisted, sexual thought experiments.

But don't take them down, random little ditties are what give soul to your space, and I'm willing to bet more people than you know appreciate em, the foremost being me of course =P

Zoë said...

wow the lace necklaces are amazing!
love them.