Mar 22, 2009

DRAMA-- fashion on the go

WARNING: fashionistas had better be tech-savvy nowadays.
DRAMA, the first fully-downloadable-to-iPod magazine, has been launched! here are some sick (like wicked sick, not gross sick) snaps from its debut edition, all shot by lensman josh tucker
aimed at the tech-savvy and edgy, on-the-go individuals, this magazine seems to have set a high bar for itself.  i'm liking it so far, but note: liking, not LOVING. any thoughts?

//EDIT: you can download it now guys! DRAMA MAGAZINE
the featured clothes are from designer zaid ghanem's collection, "the immigrant", and feature his signature witticisms, combined with the cultural amalgamation that the collection is so named for.  ethnic prints, safari-inspired leggings, docs for street cred, and logo tees. 
his creations are too sculptural for me but i'm liking the way this editorial was styled! 
and in an ever more bold, theatrical styling of the same collection (the motif mirrors the 2nd picture above),
 london's rambert dance company provided dancers as models for their choreographed shoot. highly artistic and avant garde...much like the clothes themselves, i reckon. the contortions are cool, but again, purely artistic. i wouldnt co-opt such bodysuits into my daily wear. and if i did, ruffian's FW09 version of the bodysuit is alot more playful.

so or chic? i think it's kinda a mix of both.


She's Dressing Up said...

Wow, amazing images! An ipod-download magazine sounds very intriguing!

Victoria C said...

downloadable magazine? that is something new! can't imagine getting vogue onto my iphone haah

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

just added you :)


♥ fashion chalet said...

sure :]
let me know. so we can swap! :]


Annie said...

these are so cool! i especially love the last three photos!

The Clothes Horse said...

That "Vogue" piece needs to be a cover!

Emmy said...

wow. COOL. I can't say anymore more than LOVE LOVE LOVE.

and yes, while modern art can be extremely thought provoking and brilliant, sometimes I prefer something that just simply pretty to look at...the romantics get me every time :-)

and THANKS for the advice! checked him out and he's WONDERFUL!

Emmy said...

oh, i forgot, yes, i'd love to exchange links :-)

Maverick said...


Cathy Voyage said...

How crazy!

Ashford said...

wow they totally brought the DRAMA. this particular one isn't my taste either, but I expect good, or at least interesting things to come.