Mar 23, 2009

the cuffed hem

inspired by trovata (see NYFW FW09 top picks) and their feminine-garconne aesthetic, i decided to try a silhouette i've never attempted before--the high-waisted pant. 
i cuffed them at the hem to make like chloe circa FW09. 
Quite an oblique thing to pick up on i know (cuffed/folded highwaist pant hems?!?!? what happened to tennis-ball shoulders, girlfriend!??!?!?)... but nonetheless, i wanted to do something different today.
combined with this cool cream top: it has the sheer trend for some kane (WOOOOOOOOOHOOOOO) and the pleating, just because this top fortuitously is an amalgam of both!! good find.
dorothy perkins sheer sweetheart top, robinson high-waisted trousers, pedder red leather shoes, tiffany elsa peretti starfish necklace, own attitude. :)
at this point, it would be prudent to explain/account for the terrible photos that allow little detail to be showcased. essentially, the loss of my canon + my mom's LOOONG trip = the return of horrible, grainy, low-res pictures, thanks to trusty photobooth. sigh. 
this photo just proves that photobooth is still its same horrid self. NO DETAIL whatsoever in the pictures.

i try to make do, nevertheless. a valiant effort methinks.
detail shots: pleating (!!! AGAIN!!!) in front, and the sheer panels front and back. the color of the sheer just reminds me of my blazer. more sheer to come! it's an easy way to stay on-trend.
wear your cuffed hems/boyish bottoms with a girly top to balance it out, then go crazy with your accessories and be a trendmeister!

last one!
i'm afraid this will have to be the sad state of photographic affairs for a while now...but i feel more accomplished attempting to post outfit photos than merely relying on scouring for editorials and the like.
and happy belated st patricks day! i wore a shamrock sticker on my tank for the day!
browsing the sartorialist and saw a similarly-inspired woman! she's wearing a totally different type of pant but clearly we both had consuelo's cuffed trews on our minds.
WOOT! fashion validation, courtesy of mr schuman and his roving eye. cheers!


Ashford said...

your posts are too cute. have i mentioned that I love sheer? I'm totally loving your pretty top paired with boyish trews!

STARR said...

That white top is so pretty and I really like the cuffed trouser idea.

♥ fashion chalet said...

added you :] and I love your blouse!!


Emz said...

I love your pants! the white blouse is fantastic too!

Mimi said...

Thank you so much for your sweet words! I sorry for the belated respond but your comment on my previous post made my day!!!

Much love,

xo xo

tis serendipity said...

Girl those pedder red heels are sooo gorgeous!! =) I think they really complete the more sophisticated high waisted pants look.

Ahh haha it would be so fun if we could do a stylish wanderer + childhood flames type of outing together!! =D Or simply meeting up would be great. When are your exams anyway? Any nice places you'd like to go to? There's a total dearth of unique shopping places to go to here... unless we strike when one of the new malls open in ...april? may? When's the next one opening... could be the tampines one ;p with Uniqlo!

HoneyBunny said...

You look great! I love that top and the shoes! they look so smart with those trousers:)

Nadja said...

I like your outfit. Well done :]

copperoranges said...

i love love love when bloggers recreate designer looks .. or even sart-inspired looks. you did a great job!

frances said...

I love this outfit, it's tooooo chic for words x

Mr-Jeans said...

I realy like your top and shoes, realy smart. With the expected arrival of high waisted womens trousers, shorts and mini skirts hitting our high street stores this summer do you think this will be the end of the hipsters?