Apr 1, 2009

chuffed about cuffs

jessica kagan cushman resin and crystal astro cuffs!!!
these are too cute--buy your own star sign and wear it proudly. its soooo hip and chic and witty, the last of which is something i think fashion should aim to be.
if you wanna make a statement, make it worth stating. available at barney's i think.
graphic stripe top from hongkong, levi's jeans, pedder red heels (for both pairs)

somehow the tropics have made this a very practical outfit choice, given the unpredictable sun and rain. i've really been feeling this silhouette recently, and as you can see i'm back to boring black and white...unless denim counts as blue!

celebrity validation: katie holmes, SJP, rachel bilson. classic SJP to cuff only one pant leg huh. 
i think the beauty of this look is manifold:
  • it serves duty in ALL types of weather: hot--less coverage (minimally), rainy--dry hems!
  • you get to show off your nice shoes which sometimes, jeans tend to cover up. genius!
a killer-awesome pair of purple satin peeptoe wooden platforms, which would otherwise look tacky with a skirt, or get swallowed up by pant legs. will post higher-res pictures in april when my mom gets back! she's now in toronto after seeing some of the east coast.
so, final HOW-TO TIPS:
  1. its ALL ABOUT LENGTH: make sure your newly-cuffed hem ends just above your ankle, because that's the most flattering length for your pant silhouette. 
  2. GET KILLA SHOES: or else your look may become sloppy--see miz holmes, as above. heels will further lengthen your legs (trust me on this, i'm not the tallest person around)
  3. GO FITTED: wear them with a fitted rather than loose top, or else the added volume will overwhelm the bottom half of your outfit, which is clearly the focal point.
other than that, its all up to you! :) 


C a t r i n a said...

Love this idea, simple && stunning!
Amazing blog! LOVE IT!:):)

Lauren said...

Cuffed jeans are so good.

x x x

HoneyBunny said...

love those cuffs<3333
and your shoes as well<333

stellawantstodie said...

you´re right with your comment!! about my bag, lucky coincidence!! hahaha

love those bracelets!!
and love your tee!!


♥ fashion chalet said...

i love purple<3

Meg said...

Oh my gosh, I love those rings. So adorable! And that look shows off your shoes well.

Indie.Tea said...

Adorable outfit. I've seen the cuffed jean around...very spring-like, somehow they don't like right for winter and cold...

Ashford said...

LOVE those purple heels. where are they from?
also, those cuffs are neat -constellations are much cooler than traditional zodiac signs! I wonder what mine looks like....libra....

oh and SMACK! blog award! claim the prize on my page.

Cathy Voyage said...

Love the cuffs on you! And the shoes are really amazing!

Hanako66 said...

those cuffs are so cute! I love your outfit!

Emz said...

Huh I didn't think about the practical part but YEA it is!! Those are really cute cuffs... Now if I had the money to get my hands on one haha. =) I love your shoes!

* Fashion Dreamer * said...

Looove those cuffs, would probs get a couple and wear them together. I also love cuffed jeans, great for showing off hot shoes as you pointed out. But I think showing a tiny bit of ankle can be quite sexy too!

Fashion Dreamer xx

Song of Style said...

i find bf jeans very very comforatble.

The Clothes Horse said...

I love the blue heels. Also, those star cuffs are brilliant! I took an astronomy class once...I should really brush up on my constellations!

surimay said...

those crystal astro cuffs are so pretty. the designs work so well!

ooh and cuffed jeans are so cute! especially with light faded jeans. i love those purple heels of yours. the colour is amazing!

Valentine said...

i like the idea of cuffed jeans too.. although, I have been a victim of ending up looking sloppy.. I wore it once with sneakers... not a very bright idea, I think, unless its a skinny jean. haha.


thanks for the film recommendations. Ive yet to see slumdog but there's so much great reviews about it, im afraid i might end up disappointed. haha.. but that's impossible, right?




mat said...

thanks for the comment. yeah some canto girls are quite crazy hahah but generally very fashionable.

I LOVE PEDDER RED! Your heels are nice. I can only stare and admire all the pretty shoes but afford to buy them during sales when buying more than one pair gives you extra discount :D

Maverick said...

Cute! I love the purple shoes and I adore the cuffs. I'm not going to the tropics anytime soon (boo!) but I'm definitely liking this look :) Thanks for the tips!
xoxo, mavi

The Stiletto Effect said...

I really like your outfit, especially those amazing shoes :D
The bracelets are really cool!

Nika said...

love the shoes!

xs said...

like the shoes very much. thanks for your comment! the pants were chino. banana republic uses the same fabric i'm told.

Maverick said...

Oh, and also, great places to check out:

Defintely hit Powell and market for some fabulous shopping!! The Haight-Ashbury is a good area, too. Very interesting! Umm, Golden Gate park is beautiful! Right now there is a museum that is having an exhibit about Yves Saint Laurent, but I'm not sure how long that will go for...
If you can make it to Berkley (about 20 mins from downtown SF on the train) that's a fabulous area! The best shipping, but more like vintage stores than mainstream, and LOADS of street vendors/crafters. Chinatown is alright, as well, which is right in SF. There are loads of great sushi, mexican and falafal joints around, as well!

Have fun!
xx. mavi

copperoranges said...

those astro cuffs are so cool! i think a diy is in order!

also i am a big fan of cuffing/rolling jeans. i like my ankles, lol.

Octopus-home said...

those shoes are amazing , love it , see you later .

Manmeet Sachdev said...

love those shoes!!!