Mar 31, 2009


karel kuehne for Gala magazine
i just find this photo SOOOO incredibly strong and sexy in its simplicity--everything speaks for itself in its inherent aesthetic quality.
and with that in mind, here are some AWESOME pictures of architectural clothing; blue and beige being the colors of the day.
calvin klein
and THOSE boot-leggings! 
giambattista valli
ALSO!! i have some EXTREMELY EXCITING PURCHASES TO TELL EVERYONE ABOUT! somehow i'm reluctant to post photobooth photos cos i wont be doing the pieces justice!??! so should i just wait til the end of april?! but i think i'm going to go crazy if i wait that long, so you might just have to contend with more low-res graininess. 
how does that sound?

and on a totally separate note,
happy april fools, in advance! 

Mar 28, 2009

a dash of sunshine

i've recently been hit by spring vibes, so yet another day has come where i incorporate a hit of color to my usually monochromatic outfit. today's color was YELLOW. 
it was quite a good choice because my friends and i ended up having steak and martinis at morton's, followed by random driving around in my car before ending up at a neo-oriental bar, new majestic bar. we ate more than we drank, but most importantly we had lots of discussion and chatting. good times!
m)phosis polka dot top, celia loe mustard skirt, random black belt, pedder red leather platforms, balenciaga parttime lariat bag in red.
i like that you can carry the bag by its handles or its shoulder strap--i usually opt for the latter. 
due to the low-res of photobooth (URGH!!!! i want my camera back!!!), i had to take this picture much more close-up so you can see the details: delicate black-on-white polka dots and the black belt. 
best part about the belt? it made sure i didnt overeat, because after 2 huge martinis and 5 steak sandwiches, i was stuffed. all i had after was a bar of ritter sport (cornflakes!) and a slice of pizza!
last one!
have a good weekend everyone. :)

Mar 26, 2009

shop now + advertisement time!

rodarte's first image from the label's first print ad campaign. im not sure why the mulleavy sisters chose a recession in which to start advertising, but surely it can only mean bigger things for the label. woot!

just some publicity images from topshop's advertising blitz in preparation for their highly-anticipated opening stateside in NYC on 2 april!!!
i can't complain cos topshop's been a fashion presence in singapore for many years now, with a total of 8 stores at present, with another flagship store slated to open in matter of months.

the spring range of oscar de la renta is now available on their site!!!

and for all islanders...
house is organizing an event this sunday! for those who don't know, its located at dempsey road, and if weekend bazaars are your thing, then go on down with your friends.

funky in fuschia

today i decided to add some color to my outfit, so i added a dash of fuschia! the graphic appliqué on the top (its not a print) just makes it more eye-catching. twas a fun outfit to wear! 
without the blazer... i think the outfit kinda looks cuter this way, now that i see this, haha!
and with my matching bag, what a happy coincidence, thou i don't look to pleased in this photo. 
calvin klein sheer blazer, thai silk top from thailand, wanko** skirt, balenciaga slim in pink with giant hardware (SS08)
--click on the link above to check out the details and color!!!
**YES i am aware that wanko is a horribly and unfortunately chosen name for a clothing label, or any label for that matter. but just for the record, it is a subsidiary label of the hongkong brand veeko.
you can check it out by clicking on the link and they do alot of smart casual separates for women. 
have a wonderful week ahead and thanks for bearing with these grainy pictures!

Mar 23, 2009

the cuffed hem

inspired by trovata (see NYFW FW09 top picks) and their feminine-garconne aesthetic, i decided to try a silhouette i've never attempted before--the high-waisted pant. 
i cuffed them at the hem to make like chloe circa FW09. 
Quite an oblique thing to pick up on i know (cuffed/folded highwaist pant hems?!?!? what happened to tennis-ball shoulders, girlfriend!??!?!?)... but nonetheless, i wanted to do something different today.
combined with this cool cream top: it has the sheer trend for some kane (WOOOOOOOOOHOOOOO) and the pleating, just because this top fortuitously is an amalgam of both!! good find.
dorothy perkins sheer sweetheart top, robinson high-waisted trousers, pedder red leather shoes, tiffany elsa peretti starfish necklace, own attitude. :)
at this point, it would be prudent to explain/account for the terrible photos that allow little detail to be showcased. essentially, the loss of my canon + my mom's LOOONG trip = the return of horrible, grainy, low-res pictures, thanks to trusty photobooth. sigh. 
this photo just proves that photobooth is still its same horrid self. NO DETAIL whatsoever in the pictures.

i try to make do, nevertheless. a valiant effort methinks.
detail shots: pleating (!!! AGAIN!!!) in front, and the sheer panels front and back. the color of the sheer just reminds me of my blazer. more sheer to come! it's an easy way to stay on-trend.
wear your cuffed hems/boyish bottoms with a girly top to balance it out, then go crazy with your accessories and be a trendmeister!

last one!
i'm afraid this will have to be the sad state of photographic affairs for a while now...but i feel more accomplished attempting to post outfit photos than merely relying on scouring for editorials and the like.
and happy belated st patricks day! i wore a shamrock sticker on my tank for the day!
browsing the sartorialist and saw a similarly-inspired woman! she's wearing a totally different type of pant but clearly we both had consuelo's cuffed trews on our minds.
WOOT! fashion validation, courtesy of mr schuman and his roving eye. cheers!

Mar 22, 2009

DRAMA-- fashion on the go

WARNING: fashionistas had better be tech-savvy nowadays.
DRAMA, the first fully-downloadable-to-iPod magazine, has been launched! here are some sick (like wicked sick, not gross sick) snaps from its debut edition, all shot by lensman josh tucker
aimed at the tech-savvy and edgy, on-the-go individuals, this magazine seems to have set a high bar for itself.  i'm liking it so far, but note: liking, not LOVING. any thoughts?

//EDIT: you can download it now guys! DRAMA MAGAZINE
the featured clothes are from designer zaid ghanem's collection, "the immigrant", and feature his signature witticisms, combined with the cultural amalgamation that the collection is so named for.  ethnic prints, safari-inspired leggings, docs for street cred, and logo tees. 
his creations are too sculptural for me but i'm liking the way this editorial was styled! 
and in an ever more bold, theatrical styling of the same collection (the motif mirrors the 2nd picture above),
 london's rambert dance company provided dancers as models for their choreographed shoot. highly artistic and avant garde...much like the clothes themselves, i reckon. the contortions are cool, but again, purely artistic. i wouldnt co-opt such bodysuits into my daily wear. and if i did, ruffian's FW09 version of the bodysuit is alot more playful.

so or chic? i think it's kinda a mix of both.

Mar 19, 2009

pleats again

i've hereby committed the cardinal sin of re-posting, Just Because. 
ok well i do have a reason and that's essentially that i don't have any new outfits photos and am thus digging into a pathetic 3 months of archives to do this. but hey! in the fashion world a few months is an eternity. 
calvin klein pleated top, nuroots wideleg pants, nine west satin heels, balenciaga cherche midi bag, tiffany & co heart tag bracelet.

loeffler randall's ss09 lookbook is out, and it is FULL of pleats. and ruffles. and satin. and anything that's, really, kinda spring-esque Romantique. of course, that's NOT my style. but it doesnt mean i dont appreciate the beautiful workmanship!

so this outfit was just my way of incorporating pleats. 
close-up of the top
the pleating was as intricate as i managed to find; the shoulder pleats are chiffon instead of the same vicose/cotton material for the rest of it. also, the skinny pleat down the bias of the top has got a skinny strip of velvet in the centre of the whole thing, like a luxe little spine to give it some backbone (haha).

and this is the other side. not a very flattering photo, but just to show how the material has been manipulated. 

and again.

Mar 16, 2009

oh Capri, how i love thee- Appelrath Cüpper mag

now that the month of fall/winter shows has concluded, its sunnier days ahead, especially if you're one half of a gorgeous couple living it up on the sandy beaches, ragged cliffs and crystalline shores of Capri.
"Islands in the Sun" was shot on location (Clearly!) by oscar falk for appelrath cüpper magazine, featuring models fabiana semprebom and nicholas malville.
enjoy, bitches! :) it is too gorgeous.
i like how nothing's overplayed in this shot--neither the models nor the landscape overpowers the other. what excellent balance in an off-centre shot! the way the sun hits her face is just... 
i particularly love this shot-- its actually very ralph lauren/tommy hilfiger, except that the sheer European-ness of the scenary gives it away. the azure water with the rocky outcrops that frame the couple...gorgeous! and i LOVE their matchy moccassins. 
and the beach shot--it's so effortless my heart almost hurts inside my chest.
really makes you wanna leave on a jet plane, not knowing when you'll be back again...
of course the happy news is that SPRING SUMMER season is well underway, so hope this editorial gives everyone enough motivation to bust out the color and embrace sunnier days!
in other news:
1. my mum's off to florida, D.C., NY and toronto for 6 weeks... i wish we had the same taste so she could buy anything and i'd be an ancillary beneficiary? but nope. i'm not sure about everyone else, but i speak for myself when i say my mum and i are very individual about fashion.
2. i'm so sorry i've not been updating everyday/every 2 days like i should and prefer...but being a law student doesnt permit such flights of fashion fancy. i am in the process of procuring my brother's camera to take more outfit pictures! 
3. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU everyone for sharing your lovely thoughts on all the fashion weeks! i had a great time reading your thoughts and of course commenting on your blogs about your picks too. what i love most about having a fashion-centric blog is all the lovely people you meet and share your ideas with, and how supportive everyone is of each other. have a great season ahead!

Mar 11, 2009


disclaimer: i'm not covering balmain/valentino simply because i'm sure everyone else will be...and my picks in this entry get better as you go along. this was the most exciting of the FWs for me. have fun!!!
giambattista valli

quietly elegant and with a ladylike sophistication, this collection was less flashy-fab than what i expected (neon platforms, anyone!??!)...
skirts were long and lean, with a gathered waist. valli kept his proportions close to the body, with voluminous, architectural sleeves, narrow waists and ended with a wonderfully luxe indulgence of a peacock-feather dress that referenced gucci without being starstruck. 
isabel marant

as usual: on the pulse of parisian chic street fashion for the ingenue! i love how carefree yet put-together the quintessential marant girl is. you can spot her a mile away.
 ms marant can design as well as she can style-- short skirts! hemlines! legs! a slit here, ruffles there, throw on a shagreen coat! sequins! leopard print! belt it all up!
and in the midst of all the girlish exclamation...
THOSE FREAKING BOOTS. they are amazing. emmanuelle alt got to them first.
it's almost like she wants to say-
have fun with fashion; its not what you wear, its HOW you wear it.

stella mccartney

understated, uncluttered, uncomplicated. that's not to say that this collection was without its brilliant moments...but one got the sense that a zen-like cool was the order of the day in the midst of the global Chicken Littles and their self-created chaos.
tailored loose-fit pants, loose kaftan-like dresses, unfussy jackets--all in a japanese-pebble palette of neutrals, grays and blues. washed down with sensible flats.
yves saint laurent

oh where do i even begin. LOVED THIS! such a strong coherent collection from start to finish--
palette: black, white, gray. 
styling: all woman. red lips, hair pulled back. this is serious business, kids.
silhouette: hourglass. waist waist waist, plenty of deep Vs for sex appeal. 
everything was tailored to within an inch of its own perfection and finished off with more of those lovely platforms ysl has been doing. 
(although, despite the iconic status of the tribute range of shoes, these new platforms in a slight v-front do remind me of last season's jil sanders. but no matter--ysl's twig-like stiletto heel is unmistakable to the fashion set.)

haider ackermann

way under the fashion radar that is all but in love with messrs decarnin and (just before him), ghesquire, haider ackermann is nonetheless one of the most inventive and original designers out there.
incredibly sultry and seductive, his drapery and mastery of the material on the female form would put donatella and giorgio to shame. close to the body and sexy beyond belief, no skin need be shown in his clothes. his leather jackets are the most gorgeous i've seen so far, blowing even balenciaga out of the park.  sleek, sexy, luxe, but with none of that overt girliness that labels like dior tend to favor. this is fashion for the thinking girl. and i want me all of that. 
dries van noten

i've saved the absolute best for last. this was refreshing and fun, a most sorbet-like delicious palate cleanser of a collection-- 
harking back to 40s America, the dainty ladylike silhouette was paramount, with flowy skirts, sensible pumps, loose-fit pants, silk shirts, belted coats, straight-cut blazers, horn-rimmed shades, and nothing below the knee: ALL IN RICHLY SLAPDASH DELICIOUS POPS OF COLOR that you can conceivably mix and match to your heart's content. 

this was intellectual, fluid, pragmatic fashion that wasn't afraid to inject color into the sombre-ness of the season amidst the gloom and doom generally permeating the austere collections we've seen recently. the silhouettes were simple and practical--no crazy-ass shoulder pads or indecent hemlines, nothing crudely sexed-up, nor anything but good old pumps. it almost reminded me of a more sophisticated, more grown-up version of last season's marni with the colors...

his famous prints gave way to simplicity of cut and solid colors, but in the retro-coolness of it all, the rainbow of salmon, teal, burgundy, mustard, cobalt and mint that was this collection will sell and produce that proverbial pot of gold.