Feb 21, 2009

too-cool-for-school collaborations

balenciaga/nicholas ghesquire + brian lichtenberg
combining iconic images of ghesquire's fancy footwork confections, this tee is supercute and very architectural in its own right. honorable mentions include the woven gladiators from THAT floral collection, the endlessly-copied (sam edelman!!!) blogger-loved square-toed black tough-girl boot, and the steve madden-counterfeited Lego shoe.
of course, take a step back from drooling at those shoes and you'll realise the montage happily forms the letter B.
as to whether that stands for balenciaga or brian... i guess that's up to you!
robert lee morris + the olsens for their label, elizabeth and james
with the proceeds (at least some...) of the sale of these bracelets going to charity, you can be fashionable and contribute to society at the same time! of course, what they don't tell you in the advertisements is that you'll also be contributing substantially to the already-overflowing pockets of MK and ashley...
coca-cola + manolo blahnik
for a limited time only, these too-chic collector's bottles of coke will be invading (they hope!) streets and clutched by the oh-so-frivolous starving fashion folk.
smartly and boldly emblazoned, these bottles are cute and clever at the same time.
his illustrations are so precarious they'll remind you not to consume anything but that soda you're buying, lest you break a stiletto heel or two.
the man himself!
limited edition bottles sold separately.
nike + liberty of london

known for its printed fabrics, this luxury accessories line (whose new face is widely rumoured to be slumdog millionaire star freida pinto!) has contributed 4 prints to adorn nike's very limited edition sneakers. the prints are named Phoebe, Nina, Venus Leaf and Strawberry Thief.
blazer trainers with the pretty prints...what a way to welcome spring!
just a perfectly sublime mix of girliness and street cred. the coolest kicks on the block. personally, i prefer the dunks above, with their quilt-like mix of patterns. these are nice too, but just a bit too plain-vanilla for me.
and the view from the back. too damn pretty!!! i am loving these! unfortunately they are extremely limited and i really dont imagine myself getting a pair. even if i did, i'll admit it will be more for the street cred than for any truly practical purpose.
lamborghini + heels
the limited edition superleggera carbon fibre heels...talk about engineering your fashion!
i guess this puts the LEG if superLEGgera...

call if gimmicky if you will, but the shoes really resemble the marquee vehicle!
that aggressive front nose, the lambo logo, the back view of the shoes with their 'headlights' and of course the premium carbon fibre material...must feel like you're walking on air.
best part? there's no risk of a speeding ticket with these babies.


♥ fashion chalet said...

Those Coke bottles are insane!! =]

thanks for your comment, by the way, it was so sweet to read this morning<3


She's Dressing Up said...

I love the Nike's and the Blahnik coca-cola bottles!
Also, I'd love to trade links, will add you now =]

She's Dressing Up said...

I love the Nike's and the Blahnik coca-cola bottles!
Also, I'd love to trade links, will add you now =]

The Clothes Horse said...

The last shoe is insane, but the rest of the collabs are awesome!

Ashford said...

so cute. I'm digging the coke bottles

STARR said...

That's really cute. I have to say, I really like what MKA are doing with jewelry.

Anonymous said...

love the tshirt! i can see the "B"!

Nadine said...

I adore the Coca Cola bottles! Great!

Linnéa said...

Adore the T-shirt, shoes and of course the jewelry <3