Feb 22, 2009

shoes, a love story

this book shoes by tim blanks was given to me at christmas by a special friend of mine. 
he of course is aware that i love fashion and thought this would be appropriate. 
i think what is truly appropriate in this case would be to let the pictures do the talking. more text and thoughts later! *all pictures from the book, copyrighted.

click if you want to see larger pictures...

very runway-stomper-type. one of the standout photos, in my opinion. 
a shoe wall that i must admit completely reminded me of jane from seaofshoes, who really does have a wonderfully inspirational AND aspirational curated collection of footwear.
amazing gilded/palliated platform...but mainly i love how much of a centrepiece the shoe is, in the midst of all that ornate architecture. lovely and decadent!
this is the shoe version of a valentino collection... very tongue in cheek, nudge-nudge wry humour.
and finally, 
something every girl can relate to--choosing clothes and shoes can sometimes be like picking your favorite ice cream flavor: there's just no telling! 
all in all, this is an absolutely GORGEOUS spread of witticisms about fashion and shoes, juxtaposed lovingly with photography that is equal parts clever, sexy and cute. if you have friends who love shoes, or if you love them yourself, then you should either buy the book or tell them to visit this blog! HAHA.

ps: the stiletto effect, if you see this, SHOUTOUT TO YOU, you will love this! and of course i will just die if anyone tells JANE to check this out...


Jane said...


Jasmina said...

wow I have one shoe book but totally need this one tooo :ooo

superumi said...

wow! the book is amazing 0_0

thanks for dropping by blog.
was browsing through your old entries (still am) and i totally envy your mbmj purchase. i love them!!


Elizabeth said...

that book seems amazing!

Anonymous said...

i love the pictures! wow

tis serendipity said...

WOW this book is so fantastic. =) I love these huge thick books full of beautiful photos... they usually come up to quite a bit though; lucky lucky you! X) Maybe will pop by Kino sometime soon to see if they have it in stock.

Thanks for updating my link so quickly Andrea! ;p I came by your blog sometime last week but didn't see any posts? Were you in the midst of revamping it or something?

Have updated your link too! ;)