Feb 8, 2009

sex sells

calvin klein's latest racy ads

one for provocative images (cue almost-nekkid underwear ads...), CK jeans has officially popped its proverbial cherry with these latest images getting everyone in a tizzy!
they are actually also stills of some Very Racy Videos featuring these same semi-clothed models writhing and making out...it's since been banned in the US, but we all know that the best way to get publicity is to prevent people from seeing something--making its forbidden fruit all the more sweet.
shot quite predictably by steven meisel, who is no stranger to pushing the envelope himself, the graininess of the ads just increases its adult appeal.
well intended, i'm sure. sex does sell.

karl lagerfeld's chanel show featuring shoes for repetto

and in a more restrained form of sexiness...
as i have so often declared, repetto is the world's awesomest ballet flat label. so when the kaiser collaborated on a collection with the French shoemakers, it is little wonder that he cleverly inserted ballet-esque touches to the shoes.

at the same time, their mod feel was well in line with the futuristic geometry of his space-age silhouettes...lots of streamlining with slimcut pencil skirts and skinny-limbed clothing, topped off with cinched waists. 

tutu-esque shoes

the ankle detail obviously mimics a ballerina's tutu, echoing the tutu-like creations he sent the models wearing down the runways as well. modern and clever...and very sexy with the cut out, especially when viewed from the side!
 and finally...
just to round up this post and do justice to its nomenclature:
custo barcelona ss09 and its hottest runway export

completely gratuitous.
you can thank me another time. SO worth the blog post.


Cathy Voyage said...

Thank you for your nice comment!
Sex sells...you're so right. That's what all is about!

copperoranges said...

we should definitely trade links!

i like the repetto shoes .. the little tutu aspect brings a lot of sex appeal haha!