Feb 25, 2009

plaid skirt in pop art

feeling slightly wonky today from all the deadlines (3 in a week!), i decided to add some color to my humdrum photos... forgive me, i can't be bothered to leave the confines of my wardrobe to change and take photos...also, it was a Bad Photo Day. they seem to happen more and more, haha!
plaid's never been my thing, but when i saw this particular print on a wool skirt, i realised i could get behind this particular trend, as long as it wasnt the lumberjack-shirt-with-skinny-jeans combo being pulled by EVERYONE on the street from LC to joel madden
AA tank, m)phosis wool plaid skirt, tiffany jewelry, random belt (i need a new black one!)

closeup of the print... somehow it looks alot less american lumberjack (which is ALWAYS the danger with plaid...), maybe because its got more than the requisite black/white. just trust your own discretion when buying into any trend!
also, on a superrandom note, i went out at 3am last night to go grocery shopping at my friendly neighbourhood 24-hour grocery store. i bought cereal, milk, tomatoes, pears and yoghurt. for some weird reason, it came up to $45, and i was like WHUT!?!?!??!??! lol.


tis serendipity said...

Haha oh noooo $45!! That's insane. ;p But 3am grocery shopping sounds fun!

Is the mphosis skirt a little warm? It's got a pretty design though! The length makes it look pretty mature (heh I guess it's good for the future lawyer ;))

Anonymous said...

cool photo effects!
nice skirt!

Kira Fashion said...


I am so happy about your words! You are so sweet and I am even more happy to exchange links with you! I love to increase my list with fabulous blog and people like you!

I love your look. Fantastic match with the skirt. This shirt is really sexy! Perfect!

A kiss and a hug for you,
My best wishes,
see you,

Valentine said...

Plaid has always been a constant in my wardrobe! Haha.. But I do agree, ever since everyone and their dog started wearing plaid, it kinda lost its appeal. :-)

Nonetheless, your skirt is totally awesome.. the shape is something that Im very into at the moment. :-) In fact, the whole outfit is real nice.. simple and clean. love it..

AND YES! Richard Nicoll.. IS LOVE.



copperoranges said...

grocery prices always surprises me .. especially when you're trying to buy healthy/fresh food!

i love the skirt/tank ... the belt really pulls the look together and accentuates the right places!

Cathy Voyage said...

Oh I love it!

Christina said...

The skirt is really nice. :) And the simple outfit looks great, too!

Kira Fashion said...

Hi girl!
I just did the correction. Don´t worry, is always a pleasure!

a kiss and a hug,


Nadine said...

This is a great skirt and it fits you figure really well.

Ashford said...

oh yes I have never seen a trend take off so well. EVERYONE at the bar will be wearing some sort of plaid shirt and skinny jean combo. and i used to love plaid!