Feb 16, 2009

monochrome ensemble

mango tank, haberdasher skirt, marc jacobs eugenie clutch, pedder red croc skin peeptoes, accessorize heart earrings, stainless steel bangle from hongkong
as promised, ZE BLACK SKIRT is featured again! its easy to wear and because of its heavy material, drapes nicely over one's body. relatively flattering that way, i'd say. :) wore this out to a friend's farewell house party. easy to walk in, sit in, have drinks in.

closest fashion ally? mary-kate in AA (squeal, LOVE!) and azzedine alaia...
i'm not so sure i'd brandish the cross like she did, though.
excuse the terrible/weird pose (like, what's up with my HEAD?!?!)-- i'm a regular girl with a blog, NOT a model/blogger/other derivative.

again, relatively flattering silhouette created from the fall of the dress. i guess this must be a mere fraction of the lovely shape a chanel tweed jacket must create due to its weighted hem...that's definitely on the Long Term Wait/Wish List.

somehow there's this slightly alluring mermaid shape created... this skirt can be worn wherever on your shape it fits, and i think wearing it at the waist lets one's shape be more discernable somehow...
either way, it's kinda cool

last one!
simple outfit, simple accessories. i must think of other ways to wear this very versatile piece!


The Closet Soiree said...

Been lurking for a while, can't help but to notice that you have really gorgeous bags...really to die for :) Also you seem very savvy with NY/US designers, almost 99.9% of Sporeans do not know labels like Yaya Aflalo, Cynthia Steffe or Alice+Olivia.

Cathy Voyage said...

You look so great, I have to try that, too!

Nadine said...

Such a great outfit - the long black skirt looks like it was made for you.

Nadine said...

Oh just forgot: I've linked you on my blog :).