Feb 27, 2009

Maria Dvirnik for Grazia mag

Maria Dvirnik was photographed at Hamburg’s harbour by Margaretha Olschewski for Italian edition GRAZIA. The 16 page spread sees her delight in pieces by Dolce & Gabbana, Giorgio Armani, Hermès and Roccobarocco.
coming up: London FW picks! london is always a very exciting spot on the calendar because it tends to draw all these avant garde types and more "out there" kinda fashion. i've seen lots of wearable stuff that still manages to push the limits. 
i cant wait to share!

in the meantime however, i'm slaving over a 3500 word paper. it's literally due in a few hours' time, so wish me luck! when that's done, i will have a client letter to draft, but at least i'll be able to breathe and blog about fashion! 


♥ fashion chalet said...

You're so sweet. I love your blog and reading your comments as well. Piglet update: he's missing an ear now haha! xx


legally stylish said...

Cute blog :) What kind of law are you focusing on? I'm trying to get my ass to study for the LSAT hahah! But working in civil litigation, and it sure is fun (not).

Cathy Voyage said...

They look so retro...fantastic!

Ziling said...

So nice! Love your blog anyway :)

Oh and goodluck for your thousand word paper! Haha if its me, i think ill die just thinking that i need to write that much words. I like to write.. cheesy letter/or stuffs that are about fashion etc but when it comes to work/studies, i just can't seem to get any motivation doing it. Oh well..

Nicole Then said...

wow, i think the first pictures if gorgeous!! thanks for sharing :)

tis serendipity said...

Very nice editorial! I love the ruffled vest in one of the last photos and that cute beret with the ermm bon bons that looks like something from the Urban Outfitters collection last winter...

WOw omgg 3500 paper. That totally sucks. I guess the one good thing about Med is not having to write insanely long papers. ><

Thanks so much for your encouraging comment! X) Haha felt so much better after that. My jap really isn't that great (it's been deteriorating like mad ever since school began last year sigh) and what over-achiever are you talking about! ;p Who's the brilliant former debater AND actress and incredibly smart law student! Are you going to be acting in anything anytime soon? I went for your last play! (the one where you acted as a monkey churning out Shakespeare at random)

Whoops sorry for spamming. X) It'd be great to meet up one of these days! When do your breaks start? CA next week so after that would be cool!