Feb 28, 2009


christopher kane

1 of the most coherent collections--girly yet typically edgy. can't believe how young AND talented he is!
notable: sheer panelling, ruffles, vertical stripes, all paired with flat footwear (WOOT!)
my #1 of LFW. fo shiz, chris kane is DA BOMB. he straddles so many different influences that his appeal can't be boxed in to any "type". i love him even more now!

richard nicoll

one of my fave designers (see sidebar!). with his retro-futuristic, nurse-lingerie look: distinctive!
notable: lingerie innerwear-as-outerwear aesthetic, pastels + metallics, covered decolletage.
reminds me alot of marc jacobs for LV back when he did nurses in transparent coats...

mario schwab

ridiculously singular in his silhouette: a cinched, defined waist with lots of details on dresses.
notable: strappy platforms, metallic/bejewelled accents, shift dresses, WAISTS x 39845739. 
i personally like this alternative to all the straight/waify + strong shoulders aesthetic that's been hovering about naggingly recently...

peter jensen
too cute for words! part Dutch-milkmaid, part Eastern European matroshyka doll.
notable: large blouson bell sleeves, checks, folksy prints, woolen hats. 
(nothing that's going to be too fashion forward, but very cute nonetheless)
on a personal note, thanks everyone for your concern...i promise to get down to commenting and replying ASAP! i pulled an all-nighter last night (red bull being the single best accompaniment), and finished it up. that's 6500 words in 5 days, not bad! now all that's due is my client letter of advice...such is the life of a legal eagle.

also, have solved picture clarity woes by using external hosting...slightly more inconvenient but its worth it for higher res pictures. looking forward to better picture posts from now on!

have a good weekend! :) 


Ziling said...

Wooo i love it!

Tereza Š. said...

love that mario schwab white dress

Francheska said...

Oh my these are all amazing!!!!!!

Delmy said...

I love christopher Kane!

copperoranges said...

i LOVE the christopher kane collection. the piping and structure details are beautiful!

Ashford said...

all that sheer rufflery at Chris Kane = yes please

♥ fashion chalet said...

That was sweet of you to donate your piglet, I'm sure it's getting a lot better treatment from that little girl than mine is (one ear missing and all haha!) I agree, when Heidi Montag wears something it kind of loses it appeal (in the blink of an eye, ugh!) But the models make it hothothot! ;]


Cathy Voyage said...

The photo collection was just the Zara changing room...I don't know if they would be happy if I always take my photos there :-)

Kira Fashion said...

I do love the transparencies!
Fantastic pics!

a kiss :)