Feb 6, 2009

leon's round sunglasses

when Who What Wear profiled round shades yesterday, the first image that jumped to my mind was that of the iconic cult action hit, leon the professional.

starring jean reno and a then-prepubescent natalie portman, this 1994 french film detailed a sweet budding relationship/mentorship between a reluctant hitman and his young unbridled charge. the round shades were as much a part of the movie as the actors were, being part of both the hitman and, eventually, the girl's attire for anonymity.
and here i have a photo of blogger camille who dressed up as natalie's character mathilda for halloween... indeed an appropriate cult reference, and months ahead of her time!
as for me, i dont think these will suit me very well...the round frames will just make my face look rounder! 

but still, 
nice to see how fashion borrows its influence from all sorts of places, and vice versa. and that's what makes it all so fabulous. the media interplay makes for very entertaining references!
and trust lady gaga to ruin her cool glasses with an overly-matchy ensemble complete with a ridiculous, oversized bow...how very aretha of her.
and as for the lilac lippie...maybe not. 


Lil Midget said...

I want a pair of round sunnies...Like Ozzy!


Ziling said...

I finally can put my round sunnies to good use! Haha everyone keeps laughing at me when i wore them the other time ugh. Now now i bet they are going to be jealous! Hee

Zoë said...

I'm sort of loving these shaped glasses. might get myself a pair.



Ashford said...

so I saw that movie the professional my freshman year in college. As the end was getting closer, I started yelling that if he died I was going to hit this boy who was making us watch it.
Leon died. I hit dumb boy.