Feb 11, 2009

hollywood portfolios by annie leibovitz

vanity fair's latest release features a director-leading actor photoshoot by annie leibovitz, in a masterstroke of pre-oscar genius. extremely inspiring photography!

yet, the portraits are never static, never self-glorifying...only stark and honest and intensely intimate; almost as if we are auteurs ourselves. the sombre palette with its soft lighting casting ethereal glows on the subjects, and the placidity of the sea tones-- you can't help but focus on the souls of 2 people who've put it on a plate for us to drink in deeply. 

and the late heath ledger, with christopher nolan, rendered inexplicably in haunting monochrome; a true artist we will not soon forget. 


Cathy Voyage said...

Kate Winslet looks so beautiful!
And Heath...that's just too sad....

The Clothes Horse said...

These pictures are great...even if they are by Annie Leibovitz who I dislike...I often feel like the only person who dislikes her.

teenage kitten said...

wow. stunning!

The Stiletto Effect said...

Hi :)
Annie Leibovitz work is amazing, I especially love the photo with Penelope and Woody Allen :)

HoneyBunny said...

wow these are really beautiful!

jacker said...