Feb 1, 2009

future's so bright, you gotta wear shades

yes this entire post is dedicated to pigment, and how it so artfully colors our lives.
custo barcelona's latest press released campaign shots leave no doubt as to the label's desire to keep doing what its known for: crazycool psychedelic eye-popping color and print.
shot by photographer tony kelly, the spread is tongue-in-cheek, crazy and fun all at once--much like the pop Brite designs it does so damn well.  I LOVE THIS CAMPAIGN!

a model in a color-trim kaftan
colorful prints and textures

and cute shorts...i hope this sounds the death knell for those horrid harem and dropcrotch pants! i know quite a number of the community are rather obsessed with them at the mo, but i really don't think the silhouette is made for women!

more color and print, with sex appeal to spare
i really need to start introducing more color into my daily wear, because it seems i've been sticking to basics in black, white, blue and gray for a while now. more pictures to come hopefully, sorry i've been so lazy when it comes to outfit posts! but truth be told, its slightly troublesome without a personal photog...hehe.

L-R: junya watanabe/raf simons/paul smith/hermes/CdG

more color's been spotted on the men's runways as well, with the gamut of labels from minimalist to classic to preppy all in favor of brights. styles with fitted and paired with skinny yet relaxed slacks... but this is purely for aesthetic value. men's fashion is just another world i'm merely dipping my toes into. 
thomas pink's "pink panther" tie

released yesterday in time for the Pink Panther 2 movie opening, i love th cheekiness of the hidden cartoon--only you will know that your wacko tie is THAT much more crazy inside, with the smugness of the Panther to boot. 

flip it up whenevr you need some entertainment--i'm not very hopeful about the movie providing that sufficiently! 


Cathy Voyage said...

I love the tie! I always watched Pink Panther and still like it.

Eleh said...

hah! what a crazy tie. cute!

HoneyBunny said...

I love these colours! although I'm not wearing too many of them;) :*

Zoƫ said...

freaking love all these colours!!