Feb 23, 2009

chantilly scott for Amica mag

i guess the title sums this editorial up: SO PRETTY indeed!
Canadian model chantilly scott, as photographed by Serge Guerand of KLEIN PHOTOGRAPHEN at the Organic House in Cape Town for the February issue of German edition AMICA magazine.
Chantilly poses in designs by Emilio Pucci, Diane von Fürstenberg and Piazza Sempione over a 12 page spread. simply gorgeous.

paradise pears
in a completely unrelated train of thought, check out the miniature paradise pears in season now from Australia. barely the size of a large coin, they are extremely sweet and crunchy, like downsized pears, just without the sogginess.
i bought them and polished off a whole punnet in just 2 days! :)

silk organic choc soymilk
i only drink soy milk...even better if its organic. SILK is the best brand on the market, in my opinion. you get the nuttiness of the soy but its not grainy, and the chocolate flavor is still very rich! finished this carton in 2 days as well. Very Enjoyable Milk.


Valentine said...

Hi there fellow Trovata lover! ;-) Im so glad that many people are starting to get into their designs.. and like what you said-- their garconne aesthetic is what makes love their collections.


those pears do look yummy!



Cathy Voyage said...

I love the pics, especially her hair!

copperoranges said...

1) i have never had a pear .. isnt that crazy?? i need to change this soon.
2) i like to use soy with chai tea and oatmeal, but by itself it leaves a funny after taste. i've never tried the chocolate though. hmmm.

Ashford said...

soy milk is the best. I prefer it to regular milk. ESPECIALLY the chocolate. yum yum!