Feb 15, 2009

black and red a simple outfit make

haberdasher black skirt (as dress), gucci belt, balenciaga parttime lariat
this skirt i took out of cold storage just last month, realising that its simplicity meant i could get alot of wear out of it. pressed for time and heading for an outdoors party, i wore it as a sheath, added red accessories and voila! look for this to feature more in future outfits.

and again
my bag is so battered its not even funny--it's literally weathered storms with me and the handles are Really Gross and Slimy (ish)... so i usually carry it by the shoulder strap these days.

closeup of the belt, in its little box

i used to be paranoid about wearing this belt-- as you can see, it uses a clasp closure (as compared to the usual buckles on belts), with only 3 holes for adjustment. this also means that it isnt a very forgiving belt!

so...let's just say i've only started using the belt more often now that the WAIST in back in vogue as part of the human anatomy, according to the Fashion Gods That Be. back in the low-rise years it was impossible to even put this on!

closeup of the clasp...

 i like that it has some engraved detail and that the "G" is barely discernable. cheers to subtlety! all in all i was ready to leave the house, sharpish. 

have a good week ahead, i'm heading out for sushi!

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